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Emilie Schindler

Emilie's Impact for Humanity

Ash Alvarado

on 18 March 2012

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Transcript of Emilie Schindler

Emilie Schindler By:Ashley Alvarado Emilie Schindler was born on October 22,1907 in Alt Moletein, Austria-Hungary. She has a mother named Mari and a father named Josef Pelzl. She also has a close relationship with her older brother, Franz. She grew up as a farmer. Animals and nature was her passion. Also, she was fond of Gypsies. Early Days of Emilie In 1928 Emilie first met Oskar selling electric motors. They started dating for 6 weeks. Finally Oskar proposed to Emilie. On March 6,1928 they got married in Oskar's home town Zwittau. Oskar and Emilie In 1938 since Oskar was unemployed, he had no choice but to move to the Nazi Party and leave Emilie behind. Oskar called Emilie to go up with him because he knew how bad he treated the Jews. They told the SS guards that they would have factories and slave the Jews. World War II They bribed the SS guards to have some Jews for their factory. The SS guards were ok with the idea, so they sent more than 10,000 Jews to the factory. It wasn't most perfect place. Some Jews died because of the dieases. Emilie sold her jewels to pay for food,medicine, and water. No part of the factory was harmed. The Nazis' never checked the factory. She and her husband also created false weapons to the Nazis' so they could save more weapons. The Factories They were continuosly threatened by Nazis' because of their actions. The Schindlers' mover Buenos Aires with Schindler's Jews. Bankrupt, Oskar moved back to Germany without his wife again where he died 1974. Thirty years later Emilie visits Oskar's grave and forgives him for leaving her twice. After World War II On October 5, 2001, 93 year old Emilie Schindler moves on to heaven. Her last words were " I want to spend my last days in Germany." She had died of a massive stroke. Her words on her grave say " Whoever saves one life, save the world." Death www.wikipedia.com
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org Resouces
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