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Storytelling and the Ladder of Abstraction

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on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Storytelling and the Ladder of Abstraction

masculinity, femininity, comfort...

men, women, houses...

baseball players, mothers, colonial…

Derek Jeter, Martha Stewart, George Washington's home in Mount Vernon Word Choice: Ladder of Abstraction Can you list some words that you...
Cannot see
Cannot hear
Cannot smell
Cannot taste
Cannot touch ...Let's say we are actually enjoying class...watching the movie Superman filled with action and violence. We care about the hero because we’ve gotten to know him, he’s not a vague generalization, but a real person—with concrete traits and qualities. concrete descriptions gives a story detail and texture, making everything more tangible When describing important people, places, and events, try to be as concrete as possible. Tip of the Day! 1) Some people
2) Vehicle
3) Somewhere Make It Concrete: Do you think this
newscaster would keep his job?
Why/why not? Imagine you’re watching the news. The newscaster comes on and says: “somewhere in the world something bad is happening to someone you don’t know…” Discussion Question Right! :)
A statement like this is too general; it won't connect with the audience. ABSTRACT:
There was a really big storm that caused lots of damage. CONCRETE:
The category-four hurricane destroyed thousands of homes and took 1,836 lives. "Show, don't Tell." Another Tip of the Day! Telling: She was nice.
Showing: When I was sick, she brought me homemade soup. Telling: He was angry.
Showing: He clenched his fist
and gritted his teeth. ability adoration adventure amazement anger anxiety apprehension artistry awe beauty belief bravery brutality calm chaos charity childhood clarity coldness comfort communication compassion confidence contentment courage crime curiosity customer service Hundreds of innocent people are killed in the movie, but no one cares! ...But when Superman's life is threatened everyone cares.
With a person sitting next to you create a news event to share with the class using a concrete version of these words:
...Just some A,B,C's ??? Are these words 'concrete'? Activity Time :) 1. Get into 3 groups.
2. Arrange the pack of words from Abstract (at the top) to Concrete at the bottom. Why? With the same partner share a word with the class. ...what word would we use to
describe the opposite of concrete? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ I'll give you the vowels A A Start with: "This just in... Level Four: Abstractions Level Three: Noun classes Level Two: Noun categories Level One: Specific nouns
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