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Lord of the Flies

Chapter 9

Andrew Lesagonicz

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies Chapter 9 Main Quotes from Chapter 9 Characters in Chapter 9 Symbolism in Chapter 9 Questions from Chapter 9 Devices from Chapter 9 Research "I wish we could go home." Ralph says this quote because he is tried of being on this island. "Who's going to join my tribe?" Jack says this to the boys because he wants to overtake Ralph as te leader of the island. "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood!" This is the new chant that the boys say when they go hunting. "I'm the chief" said Ralph, "because you chose me." This quote is explaining that Ralph is the leader and he should not get taken over by Jack as the new leader. The boys choose him to be the leader. "You ran yourself",shouted Jack. He is saying this because he said that Ralph was the leader because he told everyone that he was the leader of thew island. Ralph was the one to tell the boys what to do. Simon- In chapter 9, he find the dead body of the pilot. He dies at the end of chapter. He is drifted out into the sea. He is a member of the choir boys, but he sides with Ralph and Piggy. Ralph- In chapter 9,him and Piggy are left out of Jack's party. He decides to go to the party. Ralph is the leader of the island, but might get overtaken by Jack. His ally is Piggy and Simon. He is 12 years old. Ralph is the leader of the island right away. Piggy- In chapter, 9 he is with Ralph going to Jack's party. He is a chubby boy with glasses. He is a follower of Ralph. He is disliked by most of the other boys. He is chubby but is a very intelligent boy. Jack- In chapter 9,he is throwing a feast for all the boys. He is trying to overthrow Ralph,and become the leader of the island. His enemies are Ralph and Piggy. Jack is tall and skinny, and has red hair. One of the oldest boys on the island. Simon finds the dead body of the parachutist. Jack is throwing a feast for all of the boys. This proves that there is not a beast on the island. Jack and Ralph made the boys vote at the feast. Most of the boys choose to join Jack's tribe. Conch represents power on the island. Whoever has it gets to speak. During the feast,boys did not have the conch. When they have no conch, it symbolizes an absence of civilization. The boys give in to their savagery, which leads to Simon's death. At the end of chapter 9, Simon dies. His body floats on into the sea. A creature makes a light under Simon's head representing a halo. The lights symbolizes the purity and holiness of Simon's body. Piggy's Glasses- the glasses represent the power of science. For example the boys use them the lenses to focus the sunlight and start a fire. Ralph and Piggy are debating on whether they want to go to the feast or not. The boy's have a new chant. "Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his blood! Do him in!" Simon comes back from the mountain and tries to tell the boys that there is a dead man up in the mountain. The boys see someone coming from the forest. They do not know its Simon so they attack Simon and start to tear Simon with their bare hands and teeth. This is an example of the boys thinking that he was the beast. Plot of Chapter 9 Simon dies and his body is moved out into the sea. 1.How is it that Ralph and Piggy’s awkward presence at the party is accepted? 2.How does the author describe Simon at the end? What does he symbolize? 3.What happens to Simon? Why do you think this happens to Simon? 4.Describe the party. Why is it held? 5.What is the weather like toward the end of the party? 6.Compare and contrast the advantages that Jack and Ralph offer the other boys in their effort to gain support. 7.After Jack wins the voting, why does Jack suggest that the boys begin to dance? What is the outcome. 8.Ralph kept the group organized through their respect for the conch. What is the effect of the conch on Jack’s side of the island? 9.How does Simon react when he finds the dead body of the parachutist? 10.Why do Ralph and Piggy decide to attend Jack’s feast? Theme Civilization vs. Savagery- In chapter 9, the boys were not civilized. The boys are savages at the end of chapter 9 because they attacked and killed Simon because they thought that it was the beast. The dead parachutist symbolizes the beast. During World War II, Britian sent many parachutists from Palestine to Eastern Europe. The parachutists had a couple of missions. They had to find British pilots who had went into enemy territory and then assist them into Allied-occupied lands. The other mission was to contact Jewish communities,assist them in rebuilding the Zionist movement, and help some Nazi escape. Many parachutists died during their missions. This research goes with chapter 9 because Simon finds the dead parachutist on top of the mountain. It could of been one of the British parachutists on their mission. Foreshadowing In chapter 9, the boys attack Simon because they thought he was the beast. The boys are savages and in the upcoming chapters there might be more people who die. The Choir Boys- are followers of Jack. They vote for Jack to become new leader of the island. They are the hunters of the island.
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