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Up to You

No description

Ryan McCallum

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Up to You

Leadership is worth more than compliance.
We all work in a system that often rewards fitting in.
...and it works for some of us.
Fitting in is a
short term strategy.
Standing out pays off in the long run.
we learn by connecting.
Our connections create stories.
Ryan McCallum
English Teacher
Yearbook Adviser
Newspaper Adviser
What will be your story?
is a choice.
There are some who do not wait.
What will you remember?
Are you here for school?
Is school here for you?
Will you be the most connected generation?
or the loneliest?
Are you connecting?
Here's what we're teaching kids to do (with various levels of success):
Fit in
Follow instructions
Use #2 pencils
Take good notes
Show up every day
Cram for tests and don't miss deadlines
Have good handwriting
Buy the things the other kids are buying
Don't ask questions
Don't challenge authority
Do the minimum amount required so you'll have time to work on another subject
Get into college
Have a good resume
Don't fail
Don't say anything that might embarrass you
Be passably good at sports, or perhaps extremely good at being a quarterback
Participate in a large number of extracurricular activities
Be a generalist
Try not to have the other kids talk about you
Once you learn a topic, move on
1. Solve Interesting Problems.
2. Lead.
Here's what kids should do:
I'd rather text than talk.
You are as smart as you are curious.
or are we presenting?
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