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Marine Education, Research and Rehabilitation Institute

rob rector

on 8 August 2012

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Transcript of MERR

MERR Institute
Spring 2010, a 61-foot fin whale, the largest in Delaware history, washed on local shores.
MERR volunteers were there throughout the weekend and performed the necropsy.
As part of the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, MERR also provides transportation for beached animals to neighboring states
Every year, a number of seals use Delaware beaches for a breather while searching for food.
MERR volunteers monitor activity and keep tabs on them to ensure their safety.
join the conservation conversation
P.O. Box 411
Nassau, DE 19969
•Founded in 2000
•501©(3) public non-profit
•Respond to strandings
Marine Mammals
Sea Turtles
Contribute to research
Volunteer based organization
Member Northeast Region Stranding Network
•Education programs
stranding facility today
Marine Mammal Strandings in Delaware for 2009
volunteers make it possible
rescue tanks
sea turtles
loggerhead en route to VAQs
turtle transport
marine debris
northern bottlenose whale
death by plastic:
plastic aerosol can lid lodged in opening between stomach and intestines caused starvation
500 billion – 1 trillion bags consumed annually
Less than 1% are recycled
8 million lbs of plastic dumped at sea each year
Clean Oceans Campaign:
annual dolphin count
in july
MERRmaid cruise
Call (302) 228-5029 - 24 hour hotline
Ways to help marine wildlife
Never push an animal back into the water
rocky's tale
Plastic bags are made from polyethylene, a petroleum product
Ban on plastic bags worldwide-China will save 37 million barrels of oil per year
Cloth bags can save 6 or more plastic bags per week and 300 bags per year
If 1 in 5 people make this change we would save 1,330,560,000,000 bags over an average lifetime
MERR facility 2004
atlantic bottlenose
white sided
common dolphin
risso's dolphin
rehab at Riverhead Foundation
first recorded sei whale stranding in Delaware history
43 feet
70,000 lbs
May, 2009
pygmy sperm whale mother and calf
woodland beach
septermber 2006
humback whale calf
26 feet
december 2004
bethany beach
gray seal
harbor seal
despite cuddly appearance, seals can pack quite a bite
harp seal
hooded seal
green turtle
boat propeller on shell
loggerhead turtle
Earth Day Beach Clean Up
(Reusable Totes)
Say 'no' to and latex at the beach
Plastic bags and other trash
Dolphin safe tuna
Don’t feed wild animals
Keep a distance of 100-300 yards from marine mammals-it’s the law
Healthy Oceans/Healthy Habitat
mylar and latex balloons
are dangerous to marine life
eat dolphin-safe tuna
don't feed wild animals
keep 100-300 yards from marine mammals
it’s the law
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