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LOTF/LOST Comparisons

No description

Darby Alderson

on 20 October 2010

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Transcript of LOTF/LOST Comparisons

LOST/LOTF Comparisons Simon Quiet/Shy
keeps to himself(Golding 57)
does what he's asked to do without protest
more of an observer
rarely speaks in meetings and when does barely utters a word(Golding 96) Intelligent/Wise
has ideas in his head, good ideas, but does not utter a word because of fear of being made fun of(Golding 101)
sees the change in Jack, and understands, though it grieves him, that he must chose one boy over the other
knows right from wrong and chooses to do right
uses his sensibility and reason over being a savage
thinks of the questions nobody bothers to think about or does not want to say outloud(Golding 96) Reliable/Trustworthy
helps with the shelters until they're finished(Golding 51)
gathers wood for fire
stays with Ralph until meets LOTF(Golding 121)
loyal to Ralph and Piggy, and their ideas(Golding 71)
explores the island with Jack and Ralph without complaint(Golding 27) Integral
makes the discovery of LOTF (Golding 152)
holds civilization together(Golding 170)
shelters would not have been built(Golding 51)
found out that the "beast" on the mountain was really a dead parachuter(Golding 162) Innocent
does not get involved with Jack's hunting party
does not stir up any funny business
stays out of the way, when not helping
does not kill or hurt anyone
his death was in vain(Golding 168) Piggy Intelligent/Reasonable
thinks like a grown-up would
tries to find the easiest and safest way to do things
gives his advice, constantly, to Ralph(who accepts it appreciatingly)
tries to create order, with Ralph's help, in an unusual circumstance(Golding 17) Reliable/Trustworthy
Ralph trusts his judgement, advice, and support
Ralph trusts him to take care of the conch
Ralph trusts him with future plans and his own ideas(Golding 225) Cautious
likes to be prepared for everything
thinks things through before he acts on it(Golding 37)
is wary about the conch, his glasses, Ralph's life and his own(Golding 186)
does not rush into situations where there is immediate danger
tires to keep track of everyone, just incase someone goes missing Dependent
relies on Ralph to keep him safe from Jack
relies on Ralph to get them rescued
relies on Ralph, and the others, to gather wood and food for all to eat
relies on his glasses to see(Golding 40)
relies on Ralph to support him, act on his ideas and uphold the rules
relies on Ralph to give him the opportunities to say his opinion
relies on the conch for order(Golding 199) Outcast
does not fit in with the other boys
smarter than most of the others( Golding 68)
different physical charateristics from the other boys(Golding 2)
unable to participate in gathering, etc. and made fun of, due to his asthma(Golding180)
not respected by the other boys(Golding 199) Simon reminds me of Sayid because Sayid is a gentle hearted soul. He tries to help as much as he can, with very little complaint. He knows how to fix the transmitter and is very handy with technology, which hs uses to make a radio. Without him they would not have been able to use the transmitter to try to send a radio signal for help. He is trusted to go on "field" expeditions wiht the others. Sayid does not get involved with any big fights of power, and even though he brushes up a bit with Sawyer, he eventually ends their feud. He has convicted no crimes and does not try to hurt or kill anyone. Piggy could be connected to the characters Hurley and Charlie from LOST. Hurley and Piggy are similar in their physical characteristics. They both depend upon their leaders to guide them and to know what to do. Hurley likes to be cautious when stepping into trouble, which is partially due to fear. He is reasonable when it comes to taking care of others. He knows when others need something more than he does. He is relied and trusted upon when they are in the jungle. Also, Claire(the pregnant woman) trusts Hurley. He likes to take care of her. Piggy reminds me of Charlie because they are both a bit of an outcast. They rely on their leaders to guide them and save them. Charlie depends on his drugs like Piggy relies on his glasses.
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