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IntBus 220 Drone Industry

Problems Facing Drone International Market Expansion

Carson Heagen

on 1 December 2015

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Transcript of IntBus 220 Drone Industry

What is a Drone?
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.
Controlled by remote control or GPS waypoints.
Examples include:
1. RC Airplanes/Helicopters
2. Quadcopters

II) Remote Camera UAV
UAV Equipped with a Camera
Used for professional/amateur cinematography or photography.
Examples include:
1. DJI Phantom
2. FreeFly Alta
3. DJI Inspire
Search & Rescue Operations
Thermal Cameras can used to scan forests and other remote settings for missing persons.

Hobby vs. Commercial

Flying for recreational fun and/or enjoyment.
YouTube marketing compensation Issues.
Under current regulations if a hobbyist receives compensation for views of film, including YouTube videos, they are considered commercial under FAA guidelines.

Flying a drone for the purpose of recording film to be distributed to a public or private interest, usually for compensation.
When does hobby become commercial?
Distribution of film/video for profit or compensation.
An Industry Example
Wild Rabbit Aerial Productions
2014 Reel
A Brief History of Drones
Paris Lawrence Sperry created one of first versions of drones
Two years later Sperry began test flights, funded by the US Navy, on the first unmanned flying bombs, or “aerial torpedoes,” intended for use in World War I.

Drones used for more than weapons, spying

United States uses drones for surveillance
US drones, directed by the CIA and the military, began targeting al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders in 2004. Including new rules from President Barack Obama

Drones are being used for commercial use
Granted permission to 500 companies in the first half of this year.

2015 and continuing: Air force and pilot burnout
Current Drone Market
Current & Future Drone Market
Current & Future Drone Market
Industry Milestones
2009 - First Multi-rotor UAV goes on sale (DJI Flame).

2013 - DJI Phantom 1 debuts and becomes top selling recreational drone worldwide.

2014 -$186 Million Total revenue within the consumer drone market.

2015 - DJI Inspire - First High-End (4K Resolution) Recreational Drone goes on sale.

2015 - Consumer drone market on track to reach $1 Billion in Revenue.

Problem Facing the Industry
I) Foreign Market Expansion

Retailers marketing the drones and accessories.

New distributors signing agreements globally.

Governmental UAV flying restrictions.

II) Foreign UAV Regulations

FAA Regulations

Exemption 333

Users being required to register drones.

Issues Facing Drone Companies
Air Safety


Flying Weapons


Crowded Skies
Industry's Response to the Problem
$90 billion industry within the next ten years.

Not taking the steps to resolve the issue.

Trying to push drones to be a commercial product.

Pushing product no matter what rules and regulations are out there.
Work with the FAA

Include Information pamphlets included with purchases

Create a web or app based electronic registration form (personal information included)
Include all legal uses of drones commercial and as hobbyist flyers
Hold drone operators responsible to the actions carried out by their registered drones.

Ban weapons on all drones
Questions & Comments?
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The Global Drone Industry
Dustin Avery, Sarah Baugh, Carson Heagen, Jason Pattis, Joseph Skogen
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