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James Carlson

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of FIT TEAM

Creativity, Passion, Perseverance, Service to others
Steph Brown
I've never deployed in disaster so that is my biggest learning. I really curious how the team has organized itself in the past during a deployment. I would love to know more about the communications technology side of things.
Grew up on a farm, I am resourceful, can wield a hammer, manage power tools and I also know how to pull a calf. Hopefully that skill will not be needed. I can ride a horse and manage animals. I have a fair sense of environmental best practices. I have managed big projects, be it renovating a house, organizing conferences, digitizing all the farmland in Georgia, to building a new government program.
I use my creativity as I synthesize conversations into visual charts.
I embrace ambiguity even if it makes me uncomfortable sometimes.
I have a plethora of facilitation approaches I can incorporate into group processes. I fly fish. I garden. I was an archeologist for many years. I know GIS (at least a few versions of ArcMap back, it keeps changing!). I can use Photoshop and Illustrator. I don't like to deal with details...not my wheelhouse.
Passion and Creativity.
Creativity, Passion, Perseverance, Service to others
Desi Matel-Anderson
Balance! - I am very passionate about what I do but don't always take time for myself or family.
A catalytic bringing people around a cause
Enthusiasm, Sense of inspiration
Integrity Courage Compassion Empathy
David R
Neuroscience. Artificial General Intelligence. Parenthood. Spirituality. Longevity.
1) Technology & Engineering
2) Entrepreneurship, startups & business mgmt
3) Military operations & national intelligence
4) Disruptive Technology & Global impact
Embody Most: Integrity, Courage, Compassion, Empathy, Service to others.
Grow more Freedom, Openness, Humor, Health, Security
Performing any job thoroughly and well;
Open-Mindedness, Health, Balance
Tamara Palmer
Using Excel to develop complex graphs, charts, and formulas. More about how people conduct social media analysis.
Writing! Social psychology and analysis! Organization! Logistics planning! Listening to people and learning about them! I am a very good cook - self taught! I know how to ride horses, raise chickens, pigs, cats and dogs, garden, bale hale, muck stalls, drive a tractor, and most things farm-related!
Balance - I believe that to achieve balance is to achieve all other values.
balance: health/family/work
drive/persistence/fearless: getting things done that I believe in
clarity: understanding something so well that I don't have to use specialized language to describe it to others
responsibility: pulling my weight in whatever situation or group I am in
Robin R. Murphy
social networking
artificial intelligence
human-computer interaction
can observe and analyze (ethnography) systems and organizations
write summaries that are inclusive of all opinions
moderate sessions and panels
can organize ad hoc teams quickly
make videos of research: direct, get footage, put together
graphic arts: lettering, drafting, making figures and illustrations, visualizations
come up with catch phrases, sometimes snarky if warranted
make jewelry
know science fiction

balance and drive/persistence/fearless

strive to embody:
clarity and responsibility
Service to Others
Mary Tyszkiewicz
Social entrepreneurship
Creating money while doing good for citizens
Business plan to bring disaster exercises to citizens
Social media
Podcasts: Video and Audio
Theater Improv Applied to Disasters and Policy
Preparing small groups for unimaginable situations
Developing innovative disaster exercises
Applying improv to inspire public policy

Public Policy Research
Implementing qualitative research methods
Managing policy research projects on-time and on-budget

Documenting Disaster Innovation Using Young Adult Volunteers

Group Problem Solving Techniques
Workshop design
Conflict resolution
Meeting facilitation

Communicating Complex Policy Issues to Citizens and Decision Makers

CURRENT: Service to Others
ASPIRE: Balance
Shaan Hurley
I would love to learn more about FIT and what Autodesk can offer and compliment as well as how I can be involved in any future disaster assistance. My son is Coast Guard auxiliary and an EMT involved in civilian disaster scenario exercises and water safety.
I am a technologist and former mechanical designer who used to design and build large steel structures and now work at design software company Autodesk. I am involved in research project involving technology and innovation. Recently I have been focused around capturing 3D models of terrain or objects fast or using UAV copters as well as scuba diving with the National Park Service to capture underwater structures in 3D such as the recent USS Arizona project.
" I embody all four of the items I have listed however I would aspire to have more balance and serenity (I can be a bit of a fire starter, lol. but even fire starters need these important qualities!) "
Mary Tyszkiewicz
I want to learn more about the skills that everyone has (both formal and informal)

I want to better understand some of the technologies that people are bringing to the table.

I would like to learn how to help in a disaster.
- Facilitation and event design
- System thinking
- Big picture thinking
- Creative
- Ability to see connections between others
- Social media (strategy and implementation)
- Change tires on a car and dive a standard transition
- Advanced Wilderness First Aid
- Cook awesome Chinese food from scratch
- Foresight
- Writing (work and creative)
- Professional
- Analysis
- Good at planning
- Time management
- Reminding people to slow down and enjoy life
- Passion
- Openness
- Trust
- Humility
Mathan Ratinam
to be challenged
to be shown gratitude for my contribution
to learn practical steps of disaster management
to be part of a dynamic team where its recognized how I contribute to its effectiveness and success
to be part of a team we're eager to help support each other when a team member is overworked or distressed - never leave a man or woman behind.
systems thinking
problem finding/diagnosing
problem solving/unconventional solutioning
an empathetic ear
Kelly Reynolds
- Read needs/desires of others quicker
- Make people feel overwhelming comfortable in first moments of interacting
- Love always, no judging, understand/relate other situations quickly
- Natural Leader
- Problem Solver
- Jerry Rigger: Can make most things work even in a round about way
- Jill Of All Traits
- Little but powerful
- Not afraid of much... powertools, construction zones, babies, heights...
- Love to create efficient systems/process
- Independent
- Determined
- Hard Working
- Technical - have built websites, branded companies...
- Managed Volunteers and paid staff
- Creative- design background

Nicholas Haan
robotics; flying UAVs;
systems thinking; future thinking; innovation; information management; leadership; guitar and harmonica;
excellence; service to others; creativity; empathy
I currently embody working hard more than working smart, but am trying to shift that. Also trying to focus on creativity and alignment. Hitting the flow state in all aspects of my life.
Renna Al-Yassini
Coding or heavy technology
Will take on a larger load than others and not good at asking for help early when I need it
Loose interest in the details and weeds but care a great deal about them
Struggle with communicating my feelings clearly. Usually need time and space to get to the words. Or to talk it out.
Will take on other people's stuff
Systems thinker
Fast at connecting dots and ramping up
At ease in the ambiguous and can move through to clarity
Creative thinker
Communicator (Writing, strategy etc)
Highly empathetic and good listener
Working Smart (vs. just hard... though hard work is in the mix for me as well)
Most embody: Strength
Christy Wilson
All the things!

#1 thing I want to learn: the broad needs and existing skills/resources of this team, so that I might better serve the team and the communities we serve.

Open data, big data, machine data. Web intelligence, social media analysis. Enabling high growth enterprises and startups.

Fact based analysis, planning, project management, solving problems, delivering solutions, testing and breaking things. Finance and operations.

Event planning and coordination. Facilitation. Motivating people.
Service, Respect, Kindness, Strength

Responsibility (embody)
Authenticity (aspire)
Emeline Paat-Dahlstrom
Management & Business Skills
Wilderness Survival Skills
Leadership & Innovation
Public Speaking

Program Development
Curriculum Development
Events Management and Execution
Managing Effective Teams
Travel Planning and Booking
Database development
Red Cross National Disaster Volunteer - no longer current with CPR and First Aid certification
Drawing, Painting

Humor - being able to stay grounded and find the humorous silver lining in almost any scenario, able to lighten almost any mood
Asher Novek
I would love to learn how to code basic mobile programs, and Cantonese.
Media production, community engagement, empathy, being able to stay focused in crisis, connecting people, rethinking problems, rethinking solutions, asking good questions, being a good listener, storytelling
Community engagement & empowerment, honesty, friendship, humor
Community engagement
Service to others
Service to Others
Service to others
Working Smart
Session 2
We introduced ourselves
We clapped
There was smiling
Appreciation for one another
Affirmations for the presenters
Improv exercise brought empathy
Card game
Talking about survivors
Eat food!
People told personal stories of helping survivors
Card game required us to give up our own agenda
Mission and vision section: all on same page
What is a survivor? Why do we call them that?
People are the ultimate reason for what we do
Improv activity removes judgement
Playing and laughing
Neighborhood: vistas of blue, mountains
Fantastic UT hosts!
Meeting other like minds with passion beyond their day-to-day
Not talking about the end of the world - we think we can solve things, move things forward
Angry bear
Mix of geeks, artists - no eye rolling or questions of how "______ is relevant"
Role play / card game - take the other position
Discussion about vision and mission - is heard and incorporated
We helped each other
(Organize room, tech)
Active listening - high engagement
Trust from the group that we are able to bring a good game

Tamara: laying out the plans for us
Consistent communication and verbiage
Terms defined for everyone
More functioning as a team
Lays groundwork for respect by providing all the information
Learning about what's next
What our first deployment might look and feel like
Understanding each other's interests, skillsets, and expertise so we can fit together as a team
Seeing the diverse background of everyone makes our special sauce
The thought of those who chose us!
Wow by the awesomeness of everyone and their
We are open to challenging our own ideas
We are open to dissent
Our differences only emphasize our common passion
Willing to ask the hard questions
Everyone is willing to help each other and build on each others ideas
Felt easy to ask basic questions and get good answers - never feel dumb for asking
Compromises that grew out of the card game
Tools that we're using for collaboration (google, visual, prezi, etc.)
Practicing what you preach: we have to live innovative to teach innovative
We all have passion for what we're doing in our lives already, and are finding ways to share it
Finding the familiar in the rare
When people reveal their backgrounds, we see their passion and risk-takerness
Passion for the mission of FIT
Adaptive Agendas
Discussion of different tech we can use - let's just make a list and start doing it
WE are willing to embrace our own ideas
Pivot-osity levels are high
Appreciation for novelty
Willingness to let go of a vision
Willingness to be changed by discussion
- Need to keep active exercise to keep flexibility levels high
Willingness to (and experience with) "WEARING DIFFERENT HATS") - critical in the theatre of disaster
Keeping with each other as we maneuver
We made it to 1pm without lunch
We need to demonstrate personal resilience
Making yourself ready prior: 20 hour days
High intensity
Making the most of your breaks
Taking the time to recharge on return
Look at your own resilience, and at the resilience of your buddy - help each other see our ways of being exhausted and help us find rest and health
How do we embody this?
What tools do we need?
How are we going to collaborate?
What does success look like in 3 weeks of typical deployment?
How do we know when to leave, and what our footprint looks like?
What does ______ look like in deployment? (art, music, theatre)

How do we cross disciplines?
I trust you
How do we support each other in deployment individually?
Need seekers
Tech drivers
Market Readers
What are we?
What should I do next week?
Who can I connect with regularly that I am aligned with apart from any deployment?
Start working on YOYO plan
Fundraising so the first deployment we have extra money to send more people to de-newbie them with experienced buddies

"Training Deployments"

Supportive = Non-judgement

Practice of nonverbal

Upgrade ourselves with commitments for health, spirit, emotion, body

How do we prepare as a team to work with all different kinds of people
What are criteria for success?
How can we tap into our extended networks and communities to bring their talents to bear on the challenges we'll face?
How do we interface with existing emergency managers with sensitivity to the territoriality that is intrinsic to any effort?
What is the framework that matches our talents to the specific needs of the disaster?
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