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Confronts The

No description

Stephen Johns

on 16 March 2014

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Transcript of Confronts The


Mark 9:14-32
The Beautiful Setting
Moses and Christ go up the mountain to meet with God
Moses has an altered appearance as a reflector, Christ is altered into His glorified state for a time
Moses comes down to satanic worship in the form of idolatry, Christ is greeted by a vicious demon
Moses comes down to rebellious and unbelieving people, Christ comes down to a 'faithless generation'
Moses reacts in anger, Christ is exasperated by their unbelief
God mercifully does not destroy them, Christ mercifully confronts, heals, and instructs
Defending the Flock
1. Healing is not always determined by faith
2. Jesus talks about a remarkably small amount of faith
3. Faith does not always result in healing or deliverance
Faithless Generation
The Unbelieving
The Weak
The Self-Reliant
Deny the identity of Christ
Deny the power of Christ
Under the dominion of their lostness and Satan
Scarred by the depth and length of the trial
Scarred by the failure of the Disciples
Doubts the compassion and the power of Christ
Confident as a result of past successes
Doubting because of uncomfortable truth
Developing Faith
God is at work in the weak
He kindly reveals the weakness of our faith
In long trials
In seasons of failure
He kindly confronts the weakness of our faith
Strengthening our faith
Endurance: Hebrews 11-12
In Trials: James 1
In Inadequacy: James 5
Faith Exercise
Faith grows best in the greenhouse of of humility with the steady application of the truth of God under the tender watch care of His providential Gardner hands.

Sometimes those hands prune, sometimes, those hands bring suffering, and sometimes those hands bring blessing but always with an eye to increase our faith.
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