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Art History notes for the art movement Surrealism.

Mr. Blackwell

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Surrealism

Surrealism Salvador Dali Rene Magritte Max Ernst Joan Miro Dali was the most well known surrealist artist. He was a Spanish artist who was a very skilled draftsman. At one point Dali was the leader of the surrealist art movement. His work often featured realistic landscapes filled with bizarre objects that would only be seen in dreams. Rene Magritte was a Belgian artist and a major figure in the Surrealist art movement. His paintings were thought provoking images that made the viewer think about what they were looking at. 1904 - 1989 Major Artists: Surrealism was a major art movement that started around the 1920's and continued to the beginning of World War II. Surrealism grew out of a literary movement that was inspired by automatic writing, free association and the subconscious. A man named Andre Breton was the literary father of the movement as he wrote the Surrealist Manifesto. They were also influenced by dream studies of Sigmund Freud, a famous psychotherapist. The work of the Surrealists often involved dreamlike images that were based on the subconscious mind, usually depicting very unusual scenes. Surrealism had its roots in Dada, with its love of the absurd, however, Surrealism outgrew Dada and soon became one of the major art movements of the first half of the 20th century. 1891 - 1976 1893 - 1983 1898 - 1967 Max Ernst was a German artist who was one of the first contributors to both Dada and Surrealism. He worked in many styles and also helped start one of the first art movements post World War II, Abstract Expressionism. Joan Miro was a Spanish artist who worked in many styles. Some of his work fits in with the Surrealist movement, with its whimsical and fantasy based nature. He never really fit into one art movement but was very influential for abstract art in general. please choose at least 2 artists and at least 2 artworks per artist. The Persistence of Memory
1931 Swans Reflecting Elephants
1937 The Human Condition
1933 The Blank Signature
1965 The Son of Man
1964 Clairvoyance
1936 Carnival of Harlequin
1924 Oedipus Rex
1922 Ubu Imperator
1923 Saint Cecilia & Invisible Piano
1923 Surrealism and Painting
1942 The Poetess
1940 Dutch Interior I
1928 Sleep
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