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Kodak: Evolution Over the Years


Jawaher Al Suwaidi

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of Kodak: Evolution Over the Years

Kodak: Evolution Over the Years "You press the button, we do the rest" Kodak, the first easy camera to use,
was created by George Eastman in 1888. The name was chosen based on
Length - it was short
Pronounciation - it was easy to pronounce
Uniqueness - does not resemble or associate to anything but “Kodak” itself 1st Kodak Camera Kodak's first logo created in 1907 Kodak's second logo created in 1935 Kodak's third logo created in 1960 Kodak's fourth logo created in 1971 since 2006 Kodak's current official logo Kodak's Campaigns the Kodak team realized that people were unhappy and relationships between people were suffering and that people have been smiling less. Moreover, the majority of the Americans agreed that taking pictures and sharing them brings people closer together and also brings happiness. Kodak created easier applications for sharing pictures and social tours to bring people closer together. "It's Time To Smile" Campaign: this campaign was created to help the customers and potential customers that Kodak makes it very easy to share pictures, creating a link between the picture and the memories. "Share Moments, Share Life" Campaign: Kodak's fifth logo created in 1987 Note that the fourth and fifth logo
are NOT the same; the font changes. Kodak is the world's primary imaging leader with sales of $10.7 billion in 2006; this company is devoted to a digitally oriented growth tactic focused on helping people better use momentous images and information in their life and work. Today, Kodak products are available in almost every country across the globe. CHOOSE KODAK! Jawaher Al Suwaidi
Alanoud Ali
Sara Al Uraifi
Camellia A.
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