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Doug Florian

An Author Study

Kelsie Roeser

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of Doug Florian

Who is Douglas Florian?
"When I was a kid, my teachers would always write on my report card, 'Douglas is a good student, but he doesn't follow directions.' I still don't follow directions." What does He do? Douglas Florian Florian was a cartoonist for the New Yorker before a chance encounter with William Cole’s anthology of children’s verse, Oh, That’s Ridiculous (1977), inspired him to try his hand at the art. Douglas Florian was born and raised in New York City.
Educated at Queens College and the School of Visual Art. Douglas Florian has written and illustrated more than 50 CHILDREN BOOKS!
Poetrees (2010); Dinothesaurus (2009), a Kirkus Reviews Best Book of the Year, Horn Book Fanfare List selection and a Junior Library Guild selection.
Lizards, Frogs and Polliwogs (2005), a Bulletin Blue Ribbon Book; and Gryphon Award-winner and Parents Magazine Best Book of the Year Bow Wow Meow Meow (2003). What does Douglas Florian Think? An Interview with the Author: Do you think children's writing can be taught? Beyond technique, isn't a natural creativity involved? Please explain your views on the creative process.
I think writing can be taught, but I also believe that potential writers are born. Not every one of those lives up to his or her potential, so that's where teachers come in. Possible Websites to find more information on Douglas FLorian: How can you use his work? "The subjects choose me. Whatever tickles my fancy or bangs my funny bone approach with vim and vigor, or vice versa.". What are some of your favorite animal or insect characters featured in the books?
I have so many favorites, but the chihuahua, the porcupine, the slugs, the ladybugs, and the daddy longlegs stand out. Of course ladybugs and daddy longlegs have more legs to stand out with.
In poetry, there are NO rules! Where can you find
Douglas Florian? http://www.douglasflorian.com/
http://douglasflorianauthorvisits.blogspot.com/ These are just a few outside sources that I found useful for my author study. Douglas Florian has written over 50 children's books, and each one of them better than the next. Douglas Florian writes children poetry books. His works are predominantly focused on nature, animals, and insects - but he writes about anything and everything. Poetry Unit: How to use it! Douglas Florian's work speaks to students. The wide variety of poetry allows even the most toughest of critics fall in love with poetry. His work would be great to use for any poetry unit. The vast amount of works allows a teacher a lot to choose from. His books range from poetry about baseball, to poems about insects. There is a book for every student. I would recommend using Douglas Florian's books for an introduction to a poetry unit for students ages 6 and up. What Others Say about
Douglas Florian Quotes from People about Douglas Florian: "You are a blessing for any school!"
"You leave such an impression on our students, I can't wait to have you back again next year!"
"His books incorporate all the best things about poetry, and are geared for children"
"Douglas Florian books are just a delight to read to my children!"
"I enjoy the countless humor in his books"
" His work often delights me, as well as intrigues me" The quotes from above are just a few from teachers, moms, School supervisors, students etc. Douglas Florian leaves a lasting impression any where he goes with his quick whit and engaging way about him. What I say about Douglas Florian Douglas Florian to me is one of the best children's poets around. Before this author study I knew I liked poetry - but now after this study, I have grown to enjoy and appreciate the art of poetry. The views of Douglas Florian allow you as a teacher enjoy poetry, and help you develop a great criteria to incorporate a poetry unit in your classroom. His 50+ children's poetry books allow you a plethora of books to choose from. Even the most difficult, or stubborn student will not be able to resist the attractive language that is Douglas Florian. I can definitely see me using Douglas Florian in my future classroom - whether it be for a read aloud, for books in my class library, or for a poetry unit. Douglas Florian WILL be a staple in my classroom.
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