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How BIG can help

Cassi Tong

on 18 April 2012

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Transcript of BIG

Experts in improving sales outcomes Who are BIG? Well Equipt Experts In Improving Sales Outcomes mprove 1. Sales 2. Margins 3. Share How you benefit A BIG offer Engaging with you. To listen, observe, inquire and capture your nuances. Engage Hearts + Minds Immersion Tailor Customise your program Design the solution Roll out Install the thinking, strategy and skills Sustain Evolve


Grow What makes BIG unique? Low Risk Right Fit Commercial Payoffs Accountable Pleasure to Deal With - Sales Leadership
- Sales Management
- Account Management
- Front Line Selling Selling Skills Sales Strategy - A clear game plan from leaders
- Communicate to all
- Easy to implement Sales Structure - Sufficient resources
- Effectively deployed
- Delivering efficiencies Sales Systems & Tools - Aligned to strategy
- Easy to wield and monitor
- Leveraging people's effort From Sales Force Effectiveness consulting to Sales Negotiation Training, we help our clients improve their sales outcomes via our unique 4S Improvement Model. So... Why choose BIG? BIG ideas
BIG results www.bigconsult.com.au BIG results in sales http://www.facebook.com/pages/BIG-Consulting/353489436007 Conn Connect with us
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