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APIs Made Easy

No description

David Reid

on 22 November 2017

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Transcript of APIs Made Easy

APIs Made Easy
What are APIs?
Why APIs?
Who is using APIs?
What's our approach to design, secure and consume APIs?
Who is using APIs?
Next step...
- Main channel to share our APIs:

- Our Blog:

Why APIs?
Enable Innovation
Introduce New Products & Services
Increase Efficiency
Increase Revenue
Increase Customer Satisfaction & Engagement
Increase Partner Contribution & EcoSystem
Easy to access and use
Deploy & Secure
What was our approach to Design,
Secure and Consume APIs?
Abstract system capability from user experience.
Hide complexity behind an easy to use facade
Break down complex to simple services
Plug and play / Reuse
Mobile friendly payload
Control access to your services and resources.
Control usage of external services.
Know what is happening
Why APIs?
Discover, Consume
and Analyse APIs
1. What do I want to achieve?
2. Object Definitions
- Object Definition: "Joke" (id, text)
- Access or Interaction level (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE):
- GET a Joke
- GET a Joke in a different language
- POST a Joke to a friend via SMS
3. API Definition Document
1. Polyglot = Freedom
What systems do I need to integrate with?
2. Embrace automation (DevOps)
3. Test Driven Development
1. Right Level of Protection for each API
2. Where do I want to run my APIs?
1. Discover available API's
2. Consume APIs (App Registration)
3. Analyse Usage Patterns
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