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No description

Ashleigh Hiler

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of ASL FOOD

01. APPLE, GREEN, YOU LIKE EAT? (Do you like to eat green apples?)
02. CANDY, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? (What type of candy do you like?)
03. CEREAL, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? (What type of cereal do you like?)
04. YOU LIKE COOKIES WITH MILK? (Do you like cookies and milk?)
05. WATER YOU DRINK EVERYDAY, CUP  HOW-MANY YOU? (How many cups of water do you drink daily?)
06. YOUR FAVORITE FOOD WHAT? (What is your favorite food?)
07. GREEN EGG AND H-A-M YOU LIKE YOU? (Do you like green eggs and ham?)
09. YOU FULL?-[flat hand under chin version] (Are you full?)
10. YOU FAVORITE-[prefer], HAMBURGER [body-shift-"or"] HOTDOG? (Do you prefer hamburgers or hotdogs?) SENTENCES MILK HAMBURGER EGG CHEESE APPLE HUNGRY ME. WANT EAT. NOW NOW I FEEL CAN EAT PIZZA CL:bent-LL-(Use bent "L" hands to show the size of a medium to large pizza) ALL MYSELF. TOMORROW I GO MOVIE. EAT, EAT, EAT WILL ME! POPCORN, HOTDOG, CANDY, DRINK, WILL FULL ME. MY FAVORITE FOOD? COOKIES, MILK ICL-"Dip cookie into a cup of milk, take a bite."

Note:  "CL:" is a way of indicating a special sign known as a "classifier."
Note:  "ICL" means "instrument classifier."  Instrument classifiers are sometimes used to show the manipulation of an object.  In this story you "manipulate" a cookie and a cup.  STORY
11. HUNGRY YOU? (Are you hungry?)
12. PIZZA, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? (What type of pizza do you like?)
13. SUPPOSE YOU GO MOVIE, YOU LIKE EAT POPCORN? (Do you like to eat popcorn at the movies?)
14. SOUP, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? (What kind of soup do you like?)
15. APPLE, RED, YOU LIKE EAT YOU? (Do you like to eat red apples?)
16. COOKIE, YOU LIKE WHAT-KIND? (What kind of cookies do you like?)
17. YOU FAVORITE-[prefer] APPLE [bodyshift-"or"] ORANGES? (Do you prefer apples or oranges?)
18. YOUR SISTER LIKE EGG? (Does your sister like eggs?)
19. SUPPOSE YOU EAT 3 HAMBURGER, WILL FULL YOU? (If you eat three hamburgers will you be full?)
20. YOU DON'T-LIKE CANDY?!? (Don't you like candy?) MORE SENTENCES "K" handshapes rotate around each other.  The dominant hand (in my case, my right hand) starts on top of the non-dominant (left) hand and ends on top of the left hand. Both hands move. KIND (TYPE OF) WATER SOUP Fingerspell with double z’s PIZZA HUNGARY HOTDOG The sign for "taste" touches the tip of your middle finger to your lips.
If you do the movement once it is a verb as in "Taste this and tell me what you think.“
If you do the movement twice it is a noun as in, "That has a bad taste."  TASTE DRINK COOKIE CUP CEREAL CANDY EAT/FOOD Wolf down. Consume in an amazingly short period of time. (side view) POPCORN FULL Chow down.  Pig out. ASL FOOD VOCAB food types Vegetables FRUIT MEALS
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