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21st Century Learning with the Khan Academy

ConnectU Conference, New Tech High School - May 12, 2012

Courtney Cadwell

on 16 August 2012

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Transcript of 21st Century Learning with the Khan Academy

Blended Learning Who? What? Where? When? Why? How? Conceptual
Age "Successful school systems view their learning opportunities through the eyes of learners... And design their instructional systems accordingly."

- Chuck Schwahn
Author of Learning Communities 2.0 "Don't try to innovate for the future.
Innovate for the present."

- Peter Drucker The Los Altos School District will be a leader
in revolutionizing learning for all students. http://tinyurl.com/lasd-innovation Partnership The blending of an online delivery system of educational content with other quality tools, best instructional practices, and opportunities for classroom interaction. This district's use of Khan Academy is one of the best examples we've seen, nationwide, in blended learning.
Los Altos is clearly a leader and innovator in using technology to customize education for how each child learns. Michael Horn
Executive Director of the Innosight Institute &
Co-Author of Disrupting Class: How Disruptive Innovation will Change the Way the World Learns Data Views http://www.khanacademy.org/coach/demo Activity Focus Exercise Progress Progress Over Time Progress Summary Daily Activity Report Progress Report Progress Report
Filtering by Topic/Module Progress Report
Filtering by Struggling Students/Topics Exercise Progress Over Time Class Points Per Minute Students access their own data by clicking on their Class Goal Tracker Badges or Energy Points Interventions targeted active The brain needs multifaceted experiences. The brain seeks patterns. The brain searches for meaning. The brain is social. Stress inhibits learning. Developmental Concrete to Abstract Built upon Prior Knowledge Learning is... Rewards &
Motivation Multisensory
Input Practice Values of Digital Natives
A need for speed
Freedom of choice
Entertainment & play
Scrutiny The Future
the world needs highly creative people with strong interpersonal skills
moving from an economy & society built on the logical, linear, computer-like capabilities of the Information Age to an economy and a society built on the inventive, big-picture capabilities of what's rising in its place, the Conceptual Age
we must prepare our students for the future The Brain sequential
analytical nonlinear
holistic Educate to help students develop-
high-concept skills (detect paterns, connect ideas, create something new)
high-touch skills (empathy, detect social cues, interpersonal skills) http://www.newscientist.com/movie/brain-interactive Resources Grouping Instruction Learning individualized flexible multiple data driven Interventions targeted Goal-Setting personal Student Choice
& Voice increased Data Analysis individual Coaching active Lesson Planning dynamic Collaboration meaningful Ideas Resources New Teacher Resources! flipping the classroom throwing out the textbooks kids in front of computers all day quick fix collaboration hands-on
exploration variety educator's expertise creativity best practices meaningful learning experiences concepts in context Define a shared vision
Start small
Provide opportunities for exploration & collaboration
Maintain a student-centered focus Implementation
Models Los Altos
School District Product Overview Impact Our vision:

Make a free world-class education available to anyone, anywhere We can no longer afford for only some part of the World’s population to be deeply educated Historic opportunity 3 1400 1600 1700 2000 1800 New educational institutions and models emerge at major inflection points in history

With the Information Revolution, we can now entertain the idea of a truly global platform empowering the world to learn Medieval times Industrial Revolution Information Revolution Overview Vision Opportunity Approach Self-paced, mastery learning
Free access to knowledge
Class-time for interaction
The best teachers reach millions without intermediaries
Empower students, teachers and parents with data
Ideas tested & implemented
on large data sets overnight Khan Academy approach
Socialize Decouple the components of education Product A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere 8 2012 FOCUS = K-14 MATH Khan Academy in Schools Some observed teaching practices that promote individualization and mastery-based learning 1:1 discussion goal-setting Practices Teacher/student meets 1:1 at least once a week, even if for a short time
Objective to help student set individual goals for the week ahead
Focus on areas the student is stuck Peer-to-peer coaching Small-group instruction Project-based learning Enable students to pair-up to coach one another
Helps stronger student reinforce concept
A struggling student on one topic is usually a strong student on another
Provides an opportunity for everyone to be a coach, which builds confidence Provide a lecture session only if needed and only to those students who need it
Can be for a remedial group struggling on a below grade level concept
Alternately could be for an advanced group pushing their learning Enable deeper understanding of a concept through projects – but only when entire class is ready
Usually brings in multiple concepts together to blend and use these concepts in real world
Enable students at different levels to contribute differently to the project How does Khan Academy change learning outcomes? Los Altos Deepening student engagement and learning

5th graders doing Calculus

70% improvement in test scores for remedial students Stratford Unlocking student potential

50% of a class of 4th graders successfully demonstrating proficiency in Trigonometry 7th grade pilot students made significant strides on the CST from 2010 to 2011, increasing the number of “advanced” or “proficient” students from 23% to 41% Math performance levels1
Percentage of students at each level PILOT CLASSES 12% of pilot students moved from below basic to proficient from 2010-2011

6% of pilot students moved from far below basic to basic from 2010-2011 Oakland Unity Changing student learning habits

3x decrease in students below basic

3.5x increase in students proficient at grade-level 15 Changing lives We receive hundreds of testimonials everyday from students and teachers from all over the world about how we are changing their lives. khanacademy.org/stories KIPP: Catching-up students to grade-level

Entering 6th graders caught-up from 3rd grade-level to 6th grade level in ~5 month TOOLS and DATA Exercises Integrated Models Flipped Models Implementation Models Semester 1 Semester 2 October Linear
equations Functions & graphing Systems of equations November December Exponents & polynomials Order of operations & absolute value Factoring & rational expressions Quadratics & graphing Quadratic projects The quadratic formula Inequalities April May June FLIP Class Home Introduced to new material
Lecture Practice
Homework, problem sets Class Home Introduced to new material
Lecture Practice
Homework, problem sets Additional resources opens class time
allows teachers to focus attention self-paced
mastery-based Supplemental Models Global Implementations or by visiting their profile
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