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Solar Renewable Energy

Science Project! By Yaneke And Alisa!

Yaneke Molhoop

on 30 October 2011

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Transcript of Solar Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Using The Sun Electricity generation Did you Know? 150,000,000 Kilometres Away! We are running out of
renewable sources! What Are Our Options? WE COULD USE THE SUN!! tHERE ARE 3 Main Ways Of Using The Sun Solar Cells Solar Water Heating Solar Furnaces Photovoltaic Photoelectric Cells Convert Light directly
to Electricity Heat From The sun is used
to heat water in glass panels
on your roof Water is pumped through
pipes panel Advantages Disadvantages Use lots of HUGE mirrors to
reflect the to a small space to
produce Odellio, France 33,000° Its Free Needs no Fuel Produces no waste
or pollution In Sunny conditions without electricity Doesnt work at night Expensive to build
power stations Can be unreliable Thank you! By Yaneke &+ Alisa Sun doesnt deliver energy
to one placeat one time
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