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The Dangers off an All-Powerful State

No description

Heci Fiso

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of The Dangers off an All-Powerful State

The Dangers off an All-Powerful State I
The Cost of Happiness
the BNW is not simply a warning about what could happen to society ---- > it is also a satire of the society
the World State first appear bizzare or scandalous
it is a version of our societys economic values, in which individual happiness is defined as the ability to statisfy needs
and succes as a society is equated with economic growth and prosperity
The Consumer Society
Soma manipulate the Society
Sex is no longer particullary and something to share with one person
a substitute to be really happy
and the cure of anxiety, rejection and frustration
The Danger off an All-Powerful State II
the all powerful state controls the behaviors and actions of the people
the BNW is maintained through by technological and interventions ----> actually to change what people want
the Goverment of BNW retains control by making the people so happy an superficially ----> they dont care about their personal freedom
the Total control of the Population
People are only made for that what they need for
people are hypnotized or conditioned to make them accept their living conditions
Emotions and feelings are repressed and not necessary for the progress in science
want to give the People what they wanted every time
the World State is designed to make people happy
they do it in 3 ways
1: the state uses biological science and psychological conditioning
2 : the government ensures that no one will ever face intense and unreciprocated emotional or sexual desire
3 : they want to treat the word sadness with soma
The Dangers off an All-Powerful State
The Cost of Happiness
The Dangers off an All-Powerful State I
The Dangers off an All-Powerful State II
The most powerful weapon of the State "Soma"
The Consumer Society
The feigned "paradise"
The most powerful weapon of the State "
The feigned " Paradise "
a world without individuality of a human
use drugs to be always happy
the brave new world isnt a world for everyone (e.g John who wants to find his individuality)
It isnt wrong to make the people happy, but dont control them and steal them their Identity
People are only born to do their jobs an aim the Progress in science. The little things in life arent special anymore and everyone need a drug to be happy and have sex.
People needs emotions to express what they feel.
All in all we are against to a powerful-state because every people have the right ro create his own mind.
Thanks for listening !!!
Presentation of Jonas and Bewar
?any questions?
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