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The Second Stage of Western Imperialism

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angelica Fernandez

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of The Second Stage of Western Imperialism

The Second Stage of
Western Imperialism The 19th Century is Considered
the period of the 2nd Stage of i
mperialism.The 15th Century witnessed the start of explorations which resulted in the establishment of colonies in various parts of the world. By the early part of 19th Century, America won its independence from the european colonizers but not Asia and Africa. In the 2nd stage of imperialism, it was evident that Europe had its eyes on Africa.
As a result of the Industrial Revolution in Europe during the 18th century, there was a great need for raw materials which can be found in Africa and Asia such as cotton,rubber,silk,vegetable oil and mineral. The reaction of the affected countries to european imperialism was two-fold. The first was to launch a revolution in order to oust the westerners from their lands and the second was to ask for reforms in the colonial system imposed by the europeans. Reasons for the expansion of
the western empire no isolated factor that drove the western imperialism.
caused by many interrelated factors.
economic and political in nature. The Economic factors: Invention of steamboat ; became possible to navigate even narrow rivers. The invention of telegraph because of the need for markets and raw materials to sustain the industries in Europe, the Europeans once more started a new journey during the 19th century. because of the surplus or excess products that were produced as a consequence of inventions in technology, there was a need for bigger market where the surplus may be sold. made communication over distant places easier. In Science the discovery of the quinine as cure to malaria. ; gave the explorers an opportunity to stay longer in places with tropical places such as Africa and Asia. as the industries in Europe brought by the industrial revolution grew, there was also an excess in capital, it was believed that this capital would incur more growth if invested outside europe. according to english scholar John Atkins in his book he said that "the excess in capital produced by the industrial revolution needed to be invested." He also stated that the unequal distribution between the rich and poor. Political Factors Propagation of Social Darwinism or the belief that white race was able to develop a higher form of civilization than the yellow,black,brown races.
The growth of Printing Press paved the way for the development of nationalism.
The desire of Europeans to give honor and fame to one's country was another cause for the expansion of imperialism. Imperialism in Africa The battle for Asia and Africa was considered a consequence of England's diminished capability to defend its economic endeavors that it was able to establish in earlier decades Effects of Imperialism In Africa negative effects: lots of africans are unstable and suffer from violence today.
starvation and hatred are common among african people. Possitive effects: made people aware of the danger they were in and force them to industrialized.
raised global awareness of the issue that is happening in Africa.
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