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How the Elizabethans celebrated activities for the mid summe

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jack Coleman

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of How the Elizabethans celebrated activities for the mid summe

a midsummer
How the Elizabethans celebrated midsummer nights

The Elizabethans celebrated mid summers on the eve of the mid summers what is also called the eve of saint johns what is June 23rd the longest day of the year in the sense of daylight. on this night the people would have bonfires to thank the sun for having many days of warm sunny weather the fire would be a symbol of regeneration for the sun as the days ahead would be getting shorter. people would also tell folktales what center round the saints like st George, John, Paul , peter and Andrew. at the festival their would be a lot of food especially fruits. alcohol was also a big part of the festival. people would dance around bonfires this is called summer solstice circle dance. in the UK people dance around Stonehenge and in London they had a giant blow up Stonehenge for kids to celebrate the longest day of the year. many superstitions are said about mid summers night like if you pick a rose on the night of midsummer's eve the rose will stay fresh till Christmas another is that at midnight on midsummer's girls should scatter rose petal before them and say “rose leaves, rose leaves rose leaves i strew he that will love me come after me now” and then on midsummer's day their true love will visit them
How Elizabethans viewed fairies. Was this a part consistent with the Athenian world or the Elizabethan world?
This part was more consistent the Elizabethan world because people in the Elizabethan world they think fairies were fallen angels and they are from souls of dead humans, or without souls that existed between Heaven and Hell.They think fairies were thought of as wicked. They referred to them as 'little devils'. They would punish people and play nasty tricks. They had a dark completion (to show their wickedness) and they dressed in green to represent nature.
how the Elizabethans viewed fairies
The Elizabethan interpretation of fairies is the exact opposite of we see them today. Elizabethan believed that fairs were evil and cause bad thing and often played tricks on people. they were also believed to be responsible for causing disease, death, war and misfortune. people thought that if you did not keep your house clean fairies would punish you by turning milk sour and pinching all over you body Shakespeare was responsible for this as he had said the fairies are little people with wings who cause misfortune.
Athens was conquered by the oterman empire in 1456 and in 1458 and remained that way until 1821. In this time Athenian people where not alawed to run for any public office and
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