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Herborist into the UK market

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on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Herborist into the UK market

H1: Correlated higher Chinese herb cosmetics experience of higher the customer buying behavior.
H2: Correlated higher Chinese herb cosmetics recommendation of higher the customer buying behavior.
H3: Correlated higher Chinese herb cosmetics strategy of higher the customer buying behavior
Entry Mode
Five Porter Forces
Organization Structure
Corporate Culture
Herborist Ingredients: Traditional Chinese herbal ,Without chemical composition, Natural and Healthy
Provide reasonable treatment for employees and good work environment
Herborist into the
UK market

MN5241 Research Project
Dr. Yu Zheng
Group Member Candidate No.:


Research Method
Investigation time: February to March 2014
The number of respondents: 30
Place: Debenhams and boots in Staines
The main investigation content:
information of target consumers
customers' perception
channels for sale promotion
market strategy
H1< Sin 0.05
H2< Sin 0.05
H3> Sin 0.05
Research Method
Research Method
1)Target consumers: from 20-30, female, medium and high level income.
2) Sales channel: Pharmacy (e.g. Boots, Superdrug etc.) or shopping mall
3) Price position: the monthly expenditure of 10%
4) Channels for sale promotion: personal recommendation (friends, salesmen etc.)
5) Key factors on sale promotion: product quality and brand reputation
Marketing Strategy
Cost Leadership
Limited Edition
e.g: UK ONLY
4Ps Analysis
Key Competitors
Born on 1989
British professional luxury spa & Skincare brand
Products mainly sold in shopping mall & online
Products: Skincare & Body Care & Spa
Natural ingredients with cutting- edge technology
Natural resources + technology VS Chinese herb
Similar Products & Price
Conducting the Spa Service
Key Competitors
Originally founded in early 1995
Local brand
105 stores in the UK
Fresh handmade products
Ingredients: Fresh and organic fruits and vegetables,  finest essential oils and safe synthetics
Spa service is available in Edinburgh & Liverpool
Lower price than Herborist
easy to access the stores
Why Select UK Market
Entry Mode
Market Strategy
Suggest Strategy
Growth Strategy
Q & A

Herborist, a high-end Chinese personal care brand, had been steadily expanding its share in global markets since 2008. The brand distinguished itself by integrating ingredients and principals from traditional Chinese medicine into their products (Zhou, 2012).
Herborist to expand their products into France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, etc (Zhou, 2012).
The total retail cosmetics and toiletries market valued at £8 bn.
UK is a difference partly to the global focus of cosmetics market.
UK’s total market share percentage of 30.5.
In 2010, UK has more than 800,000 Chinese.
Britain does not have any herbal cosmetics
Why Select UK Market
Comparison With Other Countries
Research Methods
Comparison With Other Countries
Market Importing
Comparison With
Other Countries
Market Share
Amorepacific (the ginseng as main material) has a 34% market share.
Comparison With
Other Countries
Only 10% of the cosmetics supplied to the U.S. The major sources of imports into the U.S. are from France, Canada, China, Italy and the United Kingdom, etc.The Japanese local brands accounted for 44.3% of the cosmetics market
Long-term Vision
Expand into national department store chains
Open Herborist Spa in UK (e.g. London, Birmingham etc.)
Set up Herborist Flagship store in UK
Analysis and choice enter the market
Through analysis some theory and data prove that UK market is feasible and has the potential
Work with boots, online sale
Discusses the future planning and prospects about Herborist
Kevin Zhou (2012), ‘Herborist: a chinese personal care brand goes abroad’
Chris Barker (2013) ‘Report predicts slower growth, saturated markets for UK cosmetics industry’. (Cosmetics), Available: http://www.cosmeticsdesign-europe.com/Market-Trends/Report-predicts-slower-growth-saturated-markets-for-UK-cosmetics-industry (Accessed: 2014, March 1).
(2009) ‘Cosmetics: one industry looking good despite economic turmoil’. (Accuval), Available: http://www.accuval.net/insights/industryinsights/detail.php?ID=120 (Accessed: 2014, March 1).
Threat of substitute products
i.e. Substitute performance, technology change
Bargaining power of suppliers
i.e. Single supplier agent (Boots), easy to be controlled
Bargaining power of buyers
i.e. Price elasticity; from the views of customers, save their time and money
Intensity of competitive rivalry
e.g. Elemis, Lush
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