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IPod Touch


Bianca Kujala

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of IPod Touch

cvckvlckc;vl The IPod Touch comes in all sorts of IPod Touch IPod Touch lets you enjoy everything you love about an IPod
,and then some. Watch your movies and TV shows on a brilliant 3.5-inch display.
Use the Revolutionary Multi-Touch interface to flick through your music in Cover Flow.
And anytime you're itching for more entertainment, just tap iTunes to browse and buy on the fly. Most of what you do online with a computercan easily be done on a Ipod Touch. a built in Wi-Fi means you can check your favorite blogs, write an email with a photo attached, or find out how to get to that new restaurant. When you think about it, iPod touch is a computer in your pocket. How handy is that? Immersive gameplay- whether you're playing alone or with others in multiplayer mode. And with an App Store that offers thousands of games ready to download and play, the fun of the iPod touch never ends The IPod Touch comes in all sorts of colors and you can make special colors or cases of your own! from From just looking at this photo shows that there is alot you can do with you'er iPod touch. The Bottom line: though the updates are subtle, the third generation iPod Touch leaves its competitors in the dust. The new the hhhhhh Performance and Graphics
The new 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models feature improved performance and support for Open
GL ES Version 2.0, which letsdevelopers create games woth superior graphics. so games launch noticeably faster,
and you experience richer, more lifelike textures and details.
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