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Streaming Consciousness

This presentation was given for TESOL Spain by Martin Goosey (ATCM Professional Development, British Council Madrid Young Learners) at their national convention in Seville, March 2013. It focuses on the use of streaming technology in ELT classes.

Martin Goosey

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Streaming Consciousness

Thanks! martin.goosey@britishcouncil.es Who... Streaming Consciousness What... ...is streaming, exactly? Where... & When... ...use streaming? Why... ...bother? How... ...do you start streaming? ...is this session for?

...is streaming for? What it isn't... What it is... Motivation!
Increased opportunities for
Flippin' classrooms!
Methodological relevance! Because of the role of technology in modern language education... Because it encourages... Because you can engage directly with... Learners!
Parents & guardians!
Schools! You may want to take notes, as we're now leaving the Prezi. www.britishcouncil.es ...has what technology with them today?
...knows how to use which technologies with their classes?
...can do something for us now, in this session? Do you know any of these tools?

Voicethread (talking, screen marking - text, drawing)
Message hop (photos & text)
Fotobabble (1 photo & voice recording)
Sketchcast (drawing & writing with voice recording)
Eyejot (short video messages & presentations)
Mailvu (short video messages & presentations)
Vocaroo (voice recording online & email)
Audioboo (podcasting)
Podomatic (podcasting)
My brainshark (podcasting)
Present.me (slideshows / video / audio combinations)
Socrative (anonymous quizzes, tests, voting by remote device)
Poll Everywhere (remote polling by mobile device)
Mentimeter (mobile voting)
Infuse Learning (mobile voting - with language change & drawing options)

Check out:

teflteacher.wordpress.com (Ian James)
teachertrainingvideos.com (Russell Stannard)
freetech4teachers.com (Richard Byrne)
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