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Roy Lichtenstein

For grade 3 Self Portrait Unit Jan. 2014

Jesse Bradley

on 16 March 2016

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Transcript of Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein
27 October 1923-29 September 1997

But then....
In 1943 he was sent to fight in WWII
In 1946 he returned to Ohio State University where he completed Art school!
WHAAM! (1963)
Lichtenstein & Warhol- How are they similar? The same?
Now it's time to CREATE!
Lichtenstein was born in New York City where he grew up loving science and comic books.
Look different??
What about this one?!
At first, he created Art inspired by mythology, folklore and history.
He took his first Art class when he was 14 years old and continued taking classes at Art schools in NYC. He went on to study Art at Ohio State University.
In the 1960's he started painting from comics & advertisements!
At the end of the 1960's he stopped using comics and adverstisements for his subjects and changed to...
Artwork inspired by previous masters: Picasso, Matisse & Dali!
Do you see the comic inspiration?
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