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How did the environment affect Native American ways of life?

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Michelle Wangdak

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of How did the environment affect Native American ways of life?

Native American Food and the Environment
by Michelle Wangdak
Native American Food Sources
Most Native Americans were
hunter-gatherers, but they also
were farmers and some
raised animals.
The Environmental
Affect on Native American Food Sources.
Native American food sources were greatly affected by the environment. If the environment didn't have enough animals, plants, good soil or water, Native Americans could not get enough food and would have to move to a new place.
Native Americans had a varied diet
that depended heavily on where
in North America they lived.

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How did the environment affect Native American ways of life?

What affect did the environment have on Native American food sources?

What did they eat?

How did they get their food?

What Did
Native Americans Eat?
Native Americans hunted and
fished for most of their food.
They had very meat heavy diets.
They also gathered their food including roots, wild vegetables, fruits and berries, and shellfish.
Native Americans also
developed farming to
provide a constant supply of food for their people. After Europeans arrived, some tribes raised animals to eat, but most hunted for their meat.
When Native Americans hunted, they depended on animals being plentiful. If animals were scarce, native people would have to move into another area that had more animals that they could hunt and eat.
The environment also affected vegetation and weather such as drought or extreme winters could destroy plants and make gathering impossible. Farming is also very dependant on good weather and fertile soil.
Corn, squash, and beans were staples
of most tribes and were called the
"Three Sisters" and were seen as vital to farming. Other things that were grown or gathered were berries, pumpkin, cabbage and wild rice. They also used herbs to spice their food and for medicines.
Animals were hunted for their meat and included deer, rabbits, beaver, buffalo, moose and elk.
Vegetables, Grain
and Fruit
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