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Catholic Action Commission of Lorain County

No description

Rachel Schmidt

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Catholic Action Commission of Lorain County

Welcome to the CACLC!!
Diocese of Cleveland
What CACLC Does
What do Members do?
*Attend quarterly meetings
*Participate in/create a committee you are passionate about
*Work on issues you are passionate about
*Be educated about Catholic Social Teaching
*Participate in annual dinner and programs throughout year
*Be a liaison to your parish
- be a resource for your parish's social concerns committee
-inform CACLC how we can support our parishes better
Cleveland Catholic Charities
Secretariat of the Diocese of Cleveland
Diocesan Social Action Office
DSAO Mission
The Diocesan Social Action Office through the five Catholic commissions working within the eight counties of the Diocese of Cleveland seek to shape a more caring society and a more peaceful world through justice education, advocacy, community development, technical assistance, and organizing. Our work is based on the call of the Gospel to work for the respect and dignity of all human life, the elimination of poverty, to speak out against injustice, and to promote the common good.
CACLC Mission
The Catholic Action Commission of Lorain County, under the Diocesan Social Action Office, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Cleveland, seeks to shape and promote a more caring society and a more peaceful world through commitment to a culture of respect for all human life and justice for all. Based on Catholic Social Teaching grounded in the call of the Gospel,

The pink arrows symbolize that
the priorities of the DSAO don't ONLY come from the bishops.

Grassroots social action ideas are encouraged and welcomed, because we need to respond to the needs of our community.

All grassroots ideas must be in
line with teachings of the Catholic
Community Development
Technical Assistance
Sowers of Justice - CST
Presentations on current topics
ie: immigration, Medicaid expansion in Oh
High school presentations
Global Solidarity newsletter
CRS and CCHD updates

Legislative Action
Communicate with legislators
Marches, vigils, and lobbying
Letters to the editor and guest columns
Alerts and legislative hotlines

Work with other community leaders
Job Club – St. Monica’s and St. Barnabas
First Community Interfaith Institute
Train the trainers ie: job clubs
Gardens of Eatin’

Helping organizations make the next step
Grant writing
Making connections between agencies

Organizing to empower
Helping low income people find their voice
Rent, assistance, jobs, workplace issues

Social Action is our Core
We are working to create systemic change
Can be through legislative means, grassroots projects, paradigm shifts 

*anything that changes the unjust structures that don’t uphold the common good in the first place*
the commission works for the common good by empowering people through education, advocacy, community development, technical assistance, and organizing.
Who can be a member??
*Anyone! we are ecumenical.
*All members must support the mission of CACLC
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