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Tourism in rainforests

No description

yvonne liao

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Tourism in rainforests

Tourism Effect on Rainforests National parks are used to preserve the area but tourism is damaging the vegetation. Governments find tourism an easy way to make money.The money made by tourism is profit for the government and is not used to preserve the rainforest. In popular rainforest areas, resorts advertise that they are environmentally friendly when they are actually exploiting the rainforest for business. Some rainforests such as the
amazon suffer from excesive tourism. Tourists throw rubbish and
food scraps on to the ground
and when animals come and
try to eat it they can choke or get ill. At some rainforest, campsites are useally put up for tourist.
There were many sort of chemical in spray cans that could wipe out spicies of animals that live in the rainforest. Even if it doesnt do any harm to the animals, it still might effect the flora. Humans jugde books by cover way too much. Adorable harmless fauna are often taken from their natural habitat, while the venonous ones are sometimes beaten up to death. Either way you look at it, humans are destroying the animal habitat. before you read, which of the below would you like as a pet? by : Celia, Alexandra, Marielle,
Ainsley & Yvonne or...
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