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The Big Field

Book Report 1st nine weeks

JImmy Cox

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of The Big Field

The Big Field From shortstop to second base... It's a whole new ball game. The Big Field By: Mike Lupica Heat, travel team, and summer ball. Setting Roger Dean Stadium Santaluces Athletic Complex Lantana, Florida "Hutch" is the main character of the big field. Characterization Summary The Big Field was an amazing story of a boy nicknamed "Hutch". Five elements of plot Starts off in a Santaluces Atheletic Complex in Lantana. Exposition Rising Action Climax When the team wins game 3 to win the championship. Falling Action "Hutch goes in the stands and hugs his dad. Resolution Third-person limited Point of View The theme was to be thankful Theme Literary Terms Playing in the two games to get to Roger Dean Stadium. Playing the final game in Roger Dean Stadium. Metaphor- "The ball just exploded past his face."(pg.39) Similie-"The pitches just sail out of the strike zone like Frisbees."(pg.39)
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