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No description

Julia Rosalia

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Photography

Julia Domiano
There's many branches of photography including advertising, fashion, landscape, event, photojournalism, and tons more. But when you look at all of them, it's clear that you aren't just taking random pictures. It takes either planning and coordination with design work or at least processing and editing of something that can be complex or simple.
Photographers take pictures... but really good, publishable pictures with really expensive equipment.
...Good photographers are
required then, to find or
create a deeper meaning through
their pictures.
Average yearly income of a photographer: $55,417

The Many Fields of Photography
Focuses on the emotional effect of photography as a type of art, similar to paintings or drawings.
Requires extra attention to specific details in lighting, setting, symmetry, color coordination, and many other technical aspects.
This type of photography is based around the study and documentation of different sciences and the world around us.
These photos can also be made to look interesting and captivating in order to bring attention to the topic.
Advertising and Commercial
This field involves a type of persuasive photography in which pictures are designed and edited heavily in order to affect the viewer so much that they are both drawn to the picture/advertisement and the importance of the product (or idea).
Also called news photography, people in this field capture news and history through their lenses, usually in extreme conditions.
They can work with reporters or simply rely on the impact of their images, sometimes with brief background articles, to put world happenings into perspective for the average viewer.
Event Photographer
Makes a living by being paid to attend events such as weddings, parties, concerts, etc. and capturing the memories that people want to hang on to.
Education Needed
Below average in AZ
Above in Ny, California, Seattle...
No job is needed, though a couple years of schooling or experience is recommended.
Need to own and understand technical equipment (cameras, tripods, lenses, Photoshop)
Bachelor's or Associate's degrees in photography are available in most colleges and are super helpful and sometimes required.
Labor Unions
There are none.
Connections to
other jobs
Pretty easily switch fields
Transition into film and other art forms or growth into areas
Almost endless promotions depending on area of interest and it's a highly competitive job so expansion is always a ready opportunity
Definitely not a dead end job, but a hard industry to immediately succeed in
Experience in
Stage craft
Tons of technical elements and design work in lights, scenic elements, makeup, costume, and even marketing
Attention to audience
Artistic viewpoints
The class also prepares you for college and degrees for art that may help photography later on
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