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Truman Doctrine Start to Finish

Prezi of Input on Truman Doctrine

Amanda Nelson

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Truman Doctrine Start to Finish

The Truman Doctrine 1. Background A. Winston Churchill & The Iron Curtain E. March 5th 1946 Churchill gave an Important speech at Fulton College in Missouri. Referring to a map of Europe he noted "an Iron Curtain had decsended across the continent." E. Europe and Asia were struggling with communism supported by the Soviets. Two governments in particular were battling communism and in need of U.S. resources... 2.Truman Doctrine A. President Truman Addresses Both Houses of Congress E. Prime Minister of Greece Visits Washington to Beg for Assistance E. March 12th 1947 The IMMEDIATE cause for the speech was a recent announcement by the British Government that, as of March 21 it would no longer provide... ECONOMIC MILITARY ASSISTANCE because of the countries own civil war against the Greek Commuinst Party B. Truman established that the United States would provide POLITICAL ECONOMIC MILITARY ASSISTANCE to all democratic nations under threat from
external or internal authoritarian forces. E. Truman Doctrine caused.. INTERVENTION FOREIGN POLICY SHIFT TO.. C. In his Speech President Truman requested Congress provide $400,000,000 worth of Aid to both Greece and Turkey. AND Support the dispach of American civilian and
military personnel and equipment to the region.. E. In the words of President Truman. "It is the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside forces." "If Greece was lost, Turkey would become an untenable outpost in a sea of communism." "If turkey yeilded to Soviet Demands, the position of Greece would be extremely endangered." THE DOMINOE EFFECT 3.Containing Soviet Expansion A. George F. Kennan publishes "Sources of Soviet Conduct"
in magazine called Foreign Affairs.. "X" An American diplomat and leading authority in the Soviet Union E. IMPORTANT WHY?
Kennans Article presented a blueprint for the American policy known as... CONTAINMENT
Americas goal was to keep communism contained in existing borders. B. Kennan writes the Long Telegram The Long telegram gave the U.S. government
a clear understanding of how the Soviet Government
saw itself in the international community.
Walter Lippman (a leading journalist) critisized
this telegram.. This dispatch came to the attention of
Secretary of the Navy
James Forrestal a leading advocate for a
hard-line approch to relations
with the Soviet Union Other Perpectives... Kennans Long telegram became the basis for the... C.The Marshall Plan 1948 Congress created the Marshall Plan
NATO was created in 1949 Truman reasoned that "because totalitiarian regimes coerced "free peoples they represented a threate to international peace and the National security of the United States. D. Truman Signs the NSC-68
NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL REPORT 68 shifted foreign policy to active.. CONTAINMENT
the NSC-68 called for peaceful military spending in which the U.S. possessed "superior overall power" and "in dependable combination with other like-minded nations."
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