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Axis Powers Leadership

No description

Heesue Kim

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of Axis Powers Leadership

The Axis Powers
-Germany was one of the main/first three countries to be a part of the Tripartite pact or axis alliance

-The German dictatorship was Nazism
Adolf Hitler
The Axis Powers...
Who were they?
The Axis Powers were an alliance between mainly Germany, Italy, and Japan.

They were the opposing forces that fought against the Allied Powers during the World War II.
-Hitler was the chancellor and eventually führer of Germany during WWII.

-Nazism dealt with discrimination of the non aryan race & anti-semitism (the strong hatred of jews).

-Hitler put in place many discriminatory laws which took rights away from jews
-Italy was another one of the main countries to join the axis powers.
-The type of dictatorship in Italy at this time was fascism
Benito Mussolini
-Mussolini made himself the Italian dictator in 1935

-Although Fascist policies advertised freeing the country of social class, Mussolini supported Hitler and the discrimination of Jews
Some discriminatory laws that he put into action were:
-Benefits of citizenships were taken away from non-Aryans
- Jews were forced to carry a pass
-Marriage laws were past preventing jews from marrying non jews
-Captured people went to Concentration Camps where they were treated with brutality and murdered.

After the attempt of extinction to the jewish race, 6 million jews were killed. This is known as the holocaust.
Nazism and Anti-Semitism
Hilter believed that whoever was not of the Aryan race, was worse than an animal.
This included Jews, disabled, Homosexuals, gays, asian, Latino, African, and anyone else who didn't have blue eyes and blonde hair.
By Heesue Kim & Clara Mouw
-Japan was the the other main country to be a part of the Axis Powers
-Militarism was the form of government during World War II, in Japan
Hideki Tojo
-He was the general of the Japanese Army, constantly using the system of militarism
-During the World War II, he was the 40th Prime Minister of Japan
-They joined the axis September 20th, 1940
-Joined the axis Sep. 23rd, 1940
Pact of Steel
Hitler was very impressed by Mussolini's military career, and the two leaders became official allies through the pact of steel in 1939
-joined Sep. 24th, 1940
-Germany offered economic aid to them
-joined the Axis Powers on March 1st, 1941
-Although Tojo was both the prime minister and military minister he did not have as strong of a dictatorship as Italy and Germany, whom he pushed for an alliance with prior to their union

-this was partly due to the fact that Japan also had an Emperor during this time as well.

-Hideki did not have control of Japans navy, industrial combines or court.
-was a former country in southeast Europe before 1941
-but Serbia and Germany overthrew Yugoslavia in 1941
-Joined Axis Powers March 25th, 1941
-then Yugoslavia became Croatia
-Joined Axis Powers June 15th, 1941
-by 1939 Hitler was determined to invade Poland, despite their support from the British and French Armies.

-By signing the (short lived) German-Soviet non-agression pact, Hitler could attack Poland without worrying about its neighboring country, Russia.

-After advancing into Poland August 32nd 1939, three days later France and Great Britain both declared war on Germany, starting WWII

-This of course dragged Germany's two main allies into the war, Italy and Japan
-Joined the Axis June 26th, 1941
-Japan had been occupying territories in China since the early 1930's and there had been several rifts of conflict between the two countries

-One major conflict resulted in the Sino-Chinese war which was fought through the murder of millions of Chinese and targeted civilian bombings.

-The brutality and hatred between the two countries made it a decently even war, making the Chinese unable to kick out the Japanese from stolen territories and the Japanese could no longer advance and take more control of China.

-Therefore foreign countries including the United States and other Chinese allies took control of the situation by forming mainly oil and other type sanctions against Japan, leading to the attack of Pearl Harbor.

Soviet Union
July 1940: Germany attacked the Soviet
This was...
-in order to secure Germany's supplies
-pass rights for german troops

Germany began to cajole, nag, and pressure other countries to join the Axis
-Germany gave military protection and soviet territory to Romania
The Tripartite Pact
-Was the document that officially combined the three countries, Germany, Italy, & Japan in an alliance

-Signed by the three leaders and representatives in Berlin 1940

-The official creation of the Axis powers
-Japan had a surprise attack on the U.S. on Dec. 7th, 1941
Japan's Surprise Attack
-at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
-Germany and the Axis Powers declared war on the U.S. within a week after Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
-was the first partner to give up.

-surrendered on Sep. 8th, 1943;
six weeks after their leader Benito Mussolini was deposed of office.
-On Aug. 23rd, 1944
they switched sides and became allies with the Soviet
-surrendered Sep. 8th, 1944
-signed an armistice with the Soviet Union
-Sep. 19th, 1944
-May 7th, 1945
-Hitler committed suicide
-Germany surrendered to the Allies
-they were the last to keep fighting
-finally surrendered on Sep. 2nd, 1945
-marked the end of the war
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