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AIT Business School Post Graduate Prezi

Use this template to create a birds eye view of your desk

Daniel Seery

on 12 February 2014

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Transcript of AIT Business School Post Graduate Prezi

(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
(cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr
(cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr
Welcome to my desk



Master of Business



Inform you about the post graduate course available to you from the Business School in AIT

Highlight Growth Areas for Business post graduate Courses

Outline the key benefits of studying a post graduate course at AIT

Inform you of current opportunities for graduates of Business courses
Call AIT Business School Back !!!
(090) 64 80000
To learn more about the five post graduate courses available continue this way.....
AIT Business School
Dublin Road,
Master of Arts in Accountancy
Higher Diploma in Computing
Higher Diploma in Business
Folder 1
Folder 2
Folder 3
Athlone Institute of Technology
Why choose a postgraduate buisness programme at AIT?
There a number of reasons why to choose a business postgrad at AIT..
Firstly.. Passport to a varied career
Secondly.. Excellent Career Opportunity
Athlone Institute of Technology
What is unique and special about the AIT business postgrad set up
AIT Business School thrives on satisfying the needs of all of its post grad students.
This is what we can offer you..
This enables vital student / lecture interaction and communication
Small Class Sizes
It improves class interaction and creates a friendly and vibrant atmosphere
and also....
Opportunity to work on exciting projects and embrace dynamic modules
The Business School works closely with the Midland Innovation and Research Centre
The Master of Arts in Accountancy
and the Master of Business in AIT are one of the few post grad courses in Ireland to have a module on
Personal and Professional Development
and also....
AIT has a friendly campus. Lectures know students by their first name
Athlone Institute of Technology
What can AIT offer?
On Campus AIT boasts.....
World Class Sport Facilities
Meet our Graduates
Meet our Graduates
Meet our Graduates
Brendan P. Farrell Jr
Barbara Nestor
Michael Brewster
Business graduate, 1984
Top 100 Irish-American Business Leaders
Short-listed for Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur of the Year
CEO of XSP, the global financial services software firm
Offices on Wall Street, London, Singapore, Sydney
Media and Relations Manager at Ernst & Young Ireland
Previously ran her own company, Clockwork PR & Events, where she worked with Alastair Campbell, Dublin Web Summit, Raglan Capital and a number of technology firms.
Also held positions at Ibec, Maples and Calder
Business graduate, 1984
Top 100 Irish-American Business Leaders
Short-listed for Ernst & Young International Entrepreneur of the Year
CEO of XSP, the global financial services software firm
Offices on Wall Street, London, Singapore, Sydney
Questions & answers
What do our graduates say.....
Name; Deirdre Keon
Course; Master of Buisness (MBS)
Award; Student of the year 2012
The Master of Business at Athlone Institute of Technology provided students a mix of both academic theory and practical business experience.The combination of lecture/labs/case studies was helpful in learning the wide variety of subjects.

The classroom environment was very interactive and allowed close interaction with the lecturers and fellow students thanks to the practical exercises and case studies. The lecturing staff at AIT were second to none in relation to the willingness to advise, guide and
motivate students.

Working in groups was a core part of the programme. This allowed for a more diverse approach to learning and allowed students to interact and excel in areas of presentations and creativity.

So I would say that investing a year and a half of my time offered me a competitive advantage and it was a very enjoyable experience!
Name; Fiona Harrington
Course; Master of Arts in Accountancy (MAA)
Award; Student of the year 2012
What do our graduates say.....
Small class sizes - in AIT, the small class sizes ensure
you get individual tutoring and give you a practical base.

Lecturers - one of the best things of AIT is the constant
contact and communication with lecturers. They are always
willing to help and make themselves available. Also many of
the lecturers within the accounting stream, are external
lecturers with the accountancy bodies so you are
guaranteed to be getting the knowled
ge and
education that
is expected from external bodies.
Name; Donal McCormack
Course; Higher Diploma in Computing
What do our current students think?
Name: Aoife Daly
Course: Master of Business
Student/Lecturer ratios are much smaller compared
to Universities.Here in AIT we are given the opportunity to individually improve vital skills such as presentations skills. Which in turn will be vital for job interviews and much much more.

MBS gives students a realistic look on the working world instead of mainly focusing classroom based theory, students are given the opportunity to work outside of the classroom with real entrepreneurs from MIRC. It gives students a realistic view of working for companies. It is huge learning curve and fantastic opportunity and experience..

The masters also provides students with the experience to work as part of a team or individually This allows students to work with people from all different demographic backgrounds. This is a key component employers are looking for in candidates
that they are possibly looking to hire in the future.
Name: Heather Kenny
Course: Master of Business
The MBS class work closely with the Midland Innovation & Research Centre
The MBS & MAA offer a Personal and Professional Development module. AIT is one of a small number of colleges in Ireland to provide this module
High percentage of graduates are employed by Ericsson Athlone
Practical approach to project work
High recruitment rate from top accounting firms nationwide
Career Development
Practical project work
Prior to September 2011 I had just completed a five year B. Eng (Hons) in Civil Engineering degree in Athlone and so the thought of going back to college was not top of my priorities. Instead I had planned on going to New Zealand with a friend, however they got a job in Ireland and so I was left in limbo as what to do. I decided college probably wouldn't be so bad for another year.....I just had to decide on what to study. When I learned that two of my former classmates were going doing the H.Dip I decided pretty quick to do it, so quick in fact I heard about the course on a Thursday, applied on the Friday and started the following Monday.

The course was very enjoyable with a great mix of people and some very good lecturers. The course starts at the very basics but quickly gets the students up to very high levels of understanding. The real positive of the course is it is virtually all continuous assessment and project driven, I barely wrote any notes all year!!.....although some notes could have helped. The lecturers are very approachable and are very willing to give their time to the students. From a personal point of view I never thought I wouldn't have much interest in programming, SAP or databases but I found the course great especially databases. My previous degree set me up well for the workload but anyone with a good attitude and a will to learn should coast through this course and in doing so become very employable.

I have been lucky enough to get a job as a civil engineer but even in this job I intend to use my computing experience to good effect by creating a database for the company which will not only help the company better manage its records but also greatly add to my profile when applying for future jobs
I chose to study at the Athlone Institute of Technology due to the reputation held by the college. A positive atmosphere within AIT promotes a friendly working environment and enables students to interact closely with their course lecturers, which is something I have not experienced at other third level institutes in Ireland.

I thoroughly enjoy the Masters in Business Studies. This course immerses you in the world of business by allowing you to work in conjunction with established companies for your class projects. This active learning environment provides experience in a real life context and enables you to establish contacts within industries. The course is somewhat focused around group work which develops communication skills and introduces you to working within various group dynamics. I would recommend this course to anyone who is working or considering a career within this industry.
The MBS & MAA offer a Personal and Professional Development module. AIT is one of a small number of colleges in Ireland to provide this module
Higher Diploma in Entrepreneurship
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