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TOK Presentation

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Tatiana Joseph

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of TOK Presentation

Knowledge Issues
TOK Presentation
Tatiana Joseph
December 16,2013

Another Example:
To what extent can the arts mimic knowledge from the real world?

To what extent does prior knowledge affect someone's interpretation?

Does an artist have an ethical responsibility in regards to the messages they send?
Real Life Situation:
Gangsta Rap
-Common themes seen in gangsta rap
-Can express an artist's opinions or beliefs
The Arts
-All knowledge discussed come from rappers personal experiences or personal beliefs
Personal Example:
-Sense perception and emotion used as
ways of knowing to express their message
-Differs from other areas of knowledge
because its subject to interpretation and
based purely in sense perception
and emotion
The arts can mimic knowledge from the real world but is limited because it comes from the artists perspective
Prior learning or experience does affects ones ability to intepret the arts and can enhance or hinder your interpretation.
Gangsta Rap: Should it be ethical?

-Notorious B.I.G. : Raps about his own life experiences
Everyday Struggle
"I'm living everyday like a hustle/Another drug to juggle, another day another struggle"

Gansta Rap(Cont.)
"Since its early pioneers were gang members, gangsta rap relates to the life experiences of the rappers themselves, and its lyrics portray gang and ghetto life from a criminal's perspective"
The Arts and the Audience

-Artist v. Audience perspective

-Prior knowledge can affect someone's understanding of a work
-Ex/Vernacular used in gangsta rap
-The arts does not provide a universal
-Arne Svenson
Ultimately, the arts can mimic knowledge
from the real world but is limited by artist
and audience intepretation
-An artist mimics knowledge from the real world based on their individual view of a subject or based on their observations
-Can be interpreted differently from
the original intention
Controversial because it's viewed by some critics as glorifying these themes
The artist does have an ethical responsibility
-From "Gangs, Thugs and Hustlas:Identity and the Code of the Street in Rap Music" by Charis Kubrin
-Differs from other areas of knowledge because it provides us with abstract knowledge(interpretive) rather than concrete knowledge(factual)
But, At times artists create songs with the intention of conveying positive messages
Ex/"Changes" by Tupac
-An artist has influence over audiences
with the messages they send
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