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kendall evenhouse

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of 1796

Significant Events in Election History
Election of 1800
Electoral process breaks down
Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr tied for President
House of Representatives got to decide
Led to the 12 Amendment and Hamilton's death
Election of 1824
There was no majority from the electoral vote
Goes to the House of Representatives
Known as the "Corrupt Bargain"
Deal was made so that John Quincy Adams was President and Henry Clay was Secretary of State
Andrew Jackson won the popular vote in the election and got nothing
Election of 1860
Split the country on just one issue
Led to Lincoln's Presidency
Afterward, 11 states seceded and led to the Civil War
Election of 1876
Focused on Reconstruction
Tilden was ahead in popular and electoral votes but was 1 short
Compromise of 1877
Hayes was elected President and agreed to end Reconstruction
Election of 1912
Spoiler Effect
Teddy Roosevelt split from the Republican Party
Bull Moose Party
Split the Republican vote
Woodrow Wilson won
Election of 2000
Gore sued for a manual recount
First time the Supreme Court was involved
They ruled that the vote stands as it is
Bush won without the popular vote
Election of 2008
First Black President
1796 Election
George Washington decided not to run for President a third term
Washington was elected unanimously in 1789 and 1792
There was not a unanimous choice in 1796
Put the electoral system to the test and showed that it could work
Vice Presidency still needed to be worked on.
Jefferson- VP
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