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Color Blindness

No description

Isaac Ibitoye

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Color Blindness

Can the disorder be detected before birth?
Color blindness can not be detected before birth. The earliest tests for colorblindness are from three to five years, when the child can help identify what colors they are unable to see.
How often does the disorder occur in a population?
1 in 10 males get this disorder in some way. Not many women get color blindness. 8% of males have this disorder in some way and 1% of females do.
Interesting facts!
Symptoms of color blindness is having trouble seeing colors or having no ability to tell the difference between two colors
Treatment to Colorblindness
There is currently no cure for inherited color blindness, but there are contact lenses that can be used in some situations to enhance the brightness between some colors.
Color Blindness is when you don't have the ability to see colors the normal way.
Color Blindness
In what group of people does Color Blindness most often occur?
While the amount of women that have color blindness is fewer, it mainly occurs in men because it is a sex linked disorder.
The Prognosis for Color Blindness
The prognosis for color blindness is a lifelong disease, and will not change overtime. It may improve overtime or it may get worse over time due to aging and glasses worn.
What is Color Blindness?
It occurs when there is a problem with the color sensing cells in the eye.
It is caused by a loss or defect in one or all of the three cones in your retina causing you to see some colors but not others. If just one pigment is missing you can have trouble telling red from green, and in severe cases other colors. The most severe type of color blindness is only seeing shades of white, black, and gray.
By: Damilola
Edited by: Corey & Getsemani
By: Damilola
Edited by: Corey & Getsemani
By: Damilola
Edited by: Corey
By: Damilola
Edited: Corey
It could also affect the way you read and learn, also the types of jobs you could have
Recent developments or research
By: Damilola And Getsemani
There are certain contacts and lenses with effects that help people affected with colorblindness. The certain lenses help people who suffer from color blindness see basic colors well.
The most common is not being able to tell red and green apart, more sever cases are when you cannot tell blue and yellow apart.
Edited by: Getsemani
Blue Blind
Red Blind
Michel. "Color Blindness Simulator." Colblindor. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Apr. 2014. <http://www.color-blindness.com/coblis-color-blindness-simulator/>.
By: Getsemani
By: Damilola
The Founder of Facebook,Mark Zuckerberg, suffered from red-green color blindness, that's why Facebook is blue.
Dogs aren't color blind They just cant see like humans
People are “color blind” only if they see just black and gray, which is very rare. The more common Terminology is “color vision deficiency,” where greens and reds can look confusing.
Color blindness was founded in 1794 by John Dalton. He himself discovered it because he had color blindness, he then researched the disorder.
Mark Zuckerberg
Mr. Zuckerberg was born May 14, 1984
He is one of the youngest billionaires.
He created Facebook as blue because he is colorblind.
He dropped out of college his sophomore year.
He got married to Priscilla Chow on May 19, 2012
Has red/green colorblindness
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