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Year 8 Technology

Common Joints

Ellie Quinn

on 13 June 2012

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Transcript of Year 8 Technology

Research: Processes Common joints Butt Joint
Rebate Joint
Dovetail Joint
Housing Joint Butt Joint Advantages? Disadvantages? Easy to construct
Minimal equipment required
Ability to use a variety of fixings, eg. nails or screws Relies on fixtures for strength
Weakest joint
Joint can seperate under pressure
Fixings may be visable Rebate Joint Advantages? Disadvantages? Tools Required Tools Required Stronger than a butt joint
Simple to construct
Provides contact with two planes Greater accuracy required
Safety aspects
Joint is quite weak Dovetail Joint Tools Required - Hand tools Advantages? Disadvantages? Very strong joint
Many variations
Aesthetically pleasing Difficult to construct an accurate
joint using hand tools
Machinery is expensive
May be time consuming Housing Joint Tools Required Advantages? Disadvantages? Easy to construct
Stronger than a rebate or butt joint
Variations of joint allows
for different finishes Many tools required
High level of accuracy required
May not be able to hold a large
amount of weight Homework:
Finish the scaffold on page 12
of your workbooks
Complete find-a-word activity
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