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Researchers in Fundraising

No description

Molly Tucker

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Researchers in Fundraising

...and some things we didn't!
Researchers in Fundraising
APRA Bursary 2013

Access People, Advance Major Gifts
From Researcher to Vice President - You Can Get There!
4 years in the sector
Royal Academy, Serpentine and the Old Vic
APRA was an opportunity to learn about effective international research (especially US), and 2013 budget had been signed off before I started.

6 years in the sector
LSE & ActionAid
APRA was next logical development step but budget was a challenge
What we expected from APRA...

Thought that UK researchers would be the 'bumpkins' in a room full of experts
Prepared to have our minds blown (!)
Drug dealers. It was Baltimore, after all!
Assumed it would be big, but thought that meant 500-600 researchers...

There were at least 1000 attendees - that's a LOT of researchers
The UK is punching well above its weight - just as talented, experienced and ambitious as our US peers
A delightfully naff/inspiring key note speaker...
Opening doors

Major gifts - what gift can your organisation meaningfully use

Access people - people who can help your organisation in a social way

Councils and boards

Types of network

Implementation at The Old Vic - how are we using this?
A personal insight into their careers and how they progressed in development

Not a career road map - useful suggestions

Researchers can inform, advise, be thought leaders, and put ourselves in a position to take on vital activities.
Working with leadership
Try and understand their challenges

Make it easy for your leaders to get what they need

Manage up

Use the art of persuasion

All researchers are relationship managers
Practical tips
Use email subject lines well

Work on presenting skills, take on leadership roles at RiF, network

Read leadership books

Interview fundraisers on how to position yourself

Become an institutional expert on something useful (ie campaign planning)

Get a mentor!
Several networking sessions available

Hard to know where to find the right people

Met some interesting people by chance

Used the APRA connections tool to arrange meetings

We now have an amazing network of peers and mentors (and even friends) around the world
Implementation of Learnings
In Practice
Made notes at each session about ways it could work at home

Started a to-do list while I was still in Baltimore

Met with my mentor to talk about how to embed my ideas

Met with my line manager to download and together established the top three things that we thought should happen at ActionAid

Finally, met with our Head of Team to make my recommendations
• APRA was an investment, in us, by the RiF committee and our employers

• Essential to make sure that we got as much out of it as possible; that the benefit was measurable and had impact

• Wanted to demonstrate that even outside of Higher Education or if you don’t have enormous teams/budgets, we can still take value from it
And finally...
As a result of our experience at APRA, we are:

More confident!
More respected by our colleagues
Better able to champion research at our organisations

Not too shabby!
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