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Rise Against

No description

Molly Prawel

on 8 September 2013

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Transcript of Rise Against

"it seems like just yesterday"
Rise Against is an American punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois, formed in December 1999.
The band currently consists of Tim McIlrath (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Zach Blair (lead guitar, backing vocals), Joe Principe (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Brandon Barnes (drums, percussion).
All of the band members are vegetarians, activists for animal rights, and supporters of PETA.
All of them, accept for Brandon Barnes, are strait-edged, meaning that they do not consume drugs or alcohol.
Make it Stop (September's Children)
Using both their music and their website, Rise Against spreads awareness about anything from military cover-ups in the Middle East to recent progresses in gay rights.

Their music video "Ready to Fall", which speaks out against animal abuse, clear cutting, mountaintop mining, and profiteering, is what they consider to be their most important and ground-breaking video yet.

They are active contributors to the campaign to stop teen suicide, particularly gay teens, the "It Gets Better Program", by coming out with a song and music video in support of the movement.
Hero of War
Other Videos and their Message
Help is On the Way- a video about a African-American family trying to survive a natural disaster until help comes. Was made to help collect donations and spread awareness about the Japanese Tsunami Crisis.
We Give It All- a video about activists who go out and deface billboards, zoo exhibits, and wartime propaganda. The message is that in order to change the world people have to give everything they have.
Prayer for the Refugee- In which the items in a department store are shown being made in factories in other countries, yet at the end all of the products have a made in the USA sticker on them.
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