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Chirag Gandhi

on 5 May 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Information Explosion How tuckbuck fits into the ecosystem? tuckbuck Advantages... Strong base of iWillStudy.com

Offline Course Provider from last 4 Years

Statistics available from our 112 workshops & 40 seminars

Training Provider with 25 batches completed & placed.

Affiliation with Pune University for Certification Programs

Era of Information Explosion tuckbuck Learn Spot On Pain Points Let's peep into the life of Mr. Bing Learners Course Providers Certification Providers Employers Job Seekers Advertisers SURVEY When we talked to all stake holders... 54% people think 50-75% content
provided by Google search is irrelevant
45% people spend
10-20 minutes to search relevant content
to study 30 minute course 61% people think it is sometimes
painful to search relevant content tuckbuck Course Providers Certificate Providers Employers Offline Agencies Udacity, Codeacademy SCJP, CCNA, MCSE, RHCE Looking for trained resources Tutors Training Centers Happy Users Framework tuckbuck Aggregator Curation Algorithm Expert Curation Tagging & Processing Most Relevant Courses Prototype Revenue Streams
Online/offline course/certification provider

Job seekers and Employers

Focused advertising firms

Subscription models for users Team tuckbuck Ritesh Ambastha - Edupreneur

Pranjal Desai - Technopreneur

Nixit Patel - Technopreneur

Parth Vyas - Creative Enthusiast Placed @Congnizant Worked @Infosys Ltd. Worked @Tatv Soft Worked @Reliance & IIT-Bombay. tuckbuck on Web tuckbuck on Mobile
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