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Gina Gresock

No description

maryann carroll

on 9 June 2016

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Transcript of Gina Gresock

Dark matter
Normal matter
Normal energy
Why is it here?
Einstein describes it as "the energy of space"; therefore, dark energy is vital to the universe. Dark energy is just something that we have to have.
Universe Expansion
The acceleration of the universe expansion began around five billion years ago, and it's expanding rapidly now. One theory of what will happen in the future is that the universe could expand faster and faster until everything is torn apart. This is the, "Big Rip" theory.
World History
Big Bang
First galaxies and stars
Expansion accelerates
Solar system forms
First life on Earth
What is it?
"Dark energy" is the term used to refer to the unknown form of energy that is theorized to accelerate the universe's expansion.It contributes 68.3% of the observable universe. The amount of dark energy is constant throughout space and time.
Gina Gresock
How does it work?
Dark energy has a very low density; around the same as an empty vacuum.It needs a strong negative pressure, equal to energy density, to accelerate universe expansion. Dark energy has opposite effects of matter and normal energy.

What is dark
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