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No description

John Miller

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Skunks


San Diego County has some cool and unique animals. I chose a skunk because I think they are amazing!
The skunk is an unusual animal. They have a single thick stripe across the back and tail. The skunks full color is black and white. It's size is from about 15.6 to 37 in. and their weight is from about 1 lb to 18 lb. Skunk have long front claws for digging.
Skunk's habitat is an usaully found in North America and South America. They are omnivors so they eat meat, leaves,and fruit. The Skunk lives in dens,hollow logs and fallen trees,but in winter they dig underground burrows. They have 2 to 5 doorways.
Interesting facts
I love interesting facts about skunks. Baby skunks are called kits,and they weigh as much as 10 marshmallows. When skunks get scared or when they want to protect themseleves
By: Jojo Harp
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