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Two Sides of the Border: El Paso, Texas & Ciudad Juarez, Mex

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Emily White

on 12 April 2014

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Transcript of Two Sides of the Border: El Paso, Texas & Ciudad Juarez, Mex

Two Sides of the Border:
El Paso, Texas & Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Basic Info on El Paso
• Founded in 1873
• Less than 5 miles away from the Mexico Border
• Population around 700,000
• Lowest Crime Rate in USA since 2010
• Fort Bliss right along its borders- fastest growing army installation in the US.
• Formed EPIC to keep borders and people safe
• Formed police partnership with Juarez, Mexico


• El Paso is one of the few cities that are concerned with working with illegal immigrants and helping them get legal services

Some major non profits are:
La Mujer Obrera
Community SOLUTIONS of El Paso Incorporated
Special Agent David Monnette
Casas por Cristo
Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center
Nonprofits and Current Work in El Paso
2013: Agents in Texas made 235,567 arrests.
In the past 10 years alone, some 2,000 migrants -men, women, and children have died while attempting to reunite with family members.
2011: Hispanics make up 82 percent of the El Paso County population -- a 4 percent increase over the previous census period -- according to the 2010 U.S. Census.
Many immigrants are victims of batterers. Fear of deportation prevents immigrants from reporting crimes.

• The El Paso Police Department has teamed up with the El Paso Coalition for the Homeless in an effort to ensure that those individuals that need help are getting the help and educate the public on those individuals that might be trying to take advantage of the generosity of our citizens and visitors.

• 22.3% is below poverty level (higher than state average)
• The poverty rate affects about 100,000 people in Juárez.
• An estimated 4.9 percent of the population has no access to food, 9.7 percent barely cover their basic needs and 3.3 percent have no clothes or a roof over their heads.

A couple miles separate the safest city in America from the 2nd most violent city in the world.

What is going on??

Human Trafficking
-Sex Trafficking
-Migrant Smuggling
-Drug Smuggling
Texas is considered the major destination and transit state for human trafficking.
Interstate 10 is the major east/west interstate highway in the southern part of the U.S. (Connecting to El Paso)
20,000 young women and children are trafficked across the border from Mexico each year.
Women are being kidnapped, exploited and killed in masses in Juarez.
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