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Programming Languages

No description

Joanne Roberti

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Programming Languages

Progamming Languages What is a program? Research a programming language:
Name the language
Describe the area(s) used for
Outline when it was or is used
Special features
Develop a Prezi to show your findings. Programming Languages A set of instructions understood by the computer.
Binary code
Various languages available Low Level Languages Easy for the computer to understand, difficult for the programmer.

Machine Language
directly understood by the computer 0111011100111
Needs no translation - very fast to execute
Assembly Language
uses simple instructions
needs translation High Level languages Translation programs All computer programs need to be converted to machine language (binary) in order to execute.

Translation methods:
1. Compiler - converts whole program code at once
2. Interpreter - converts one line, then executes it and repeats this process continually until the end of the program. High level language instructions are similar to English, making programming easier.

easier to understand for the programmer
easy to correct errors and test programs
programs can be used on different computers
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