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Coverage of Nixon and Watergate

Scott Moeller

on 7 May 2012

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Transcript of Watergate

Watergate - America's Great Adventure with Nixon
How much do you trust your Federal Government to do the right thing?
In other words, what impact have Nixon and Watergate had on your views of Government?
Who were the "Silent Majority"?
Supporters blamed Fed. Govt. for high taxes and social unrest
Nixon promised smaller government and limiting civil rights causes - “Southern Strategy”
IroniC? - Also started Affirmative Action
Economic and Energy Problems?
“Stagflation” - high inflation and unemployment
(from high cost of social programs and Vietnam War)
Nixon responded w/ “New Federalism” - system of large grants for states to spend
“Energy Crisis” - OPEC member nations (map) restricted sale of oil, prices jumped, declared embargo after Yom Kippur War when united States backed Israel.
Lower speed limits, fuel efficient strategies, nuclear power,
Alaskan pipeline, solar power, small cars
What was “Realpolitik”?
Def: Practical politics over moral ideals
Henry Kissinger - influenced
Nixon as Secretary of State
Nixon’s “realpolitik” brought US to deal w/ China, Russia, and military dictators in Latin America (Video)
SALT talks and Détente resulted
What was Watergate about?
Nixon Creeps (Committee to Re-Elect the Pres) got caught burglarizing Democratic Party files in Watergate Hotel (Video)
Nixon denied everything, won re-election in ‘72
Woodward and Bernstein, reporters from Wash.
Post investigated and got inside info from “Deep Throat”.
By ‘73 Nixon was
investigated -refused to Turn over tapes (argued “executive privilege”) -
led to appointment of Robert Bork as Attorney General to fire Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox - “Saturday Night Massacre”
On charges of “abuse of authority, obstructing justice,
and violating constitutional rights of citizens”
resigned on Aug 8, 1974
V.P. Ford (Who replaced V.P. Spiro Agnew via the 25th Amendment) was Sworn in as President - subsequently pardoned Nixon using “executive privilege” (What should be considered?)
Ford’s Presidency - Pardon -Also allowed protesters and deserters off the hook
Hold on..didn't Nixon get us out
of Vietnam? (Video)
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