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Mechanical Rail Gate

No description

Sas Bala

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Mechanical Rail Gate

Automated Mechanical Rail Way Gate System
By Sasanka Balasuriya
Problem Identification

Manual control
Purpose of an Automated Mechanical Rail-Way Gate
Vehical and human safty
No need of human centripetal controller
Energy management
Design for Automated Mechanical Rail Way Gate
Component selection

Pneumatic and hydraulic AND/NOT/OR gates
Transition line (Hydraulic / Air)
Single acting (Hydraulic / Pneumatic) cylinders
Mechanical railway gate

Block Diagram/ Design 1
NOT Operation

NOT Operation
NOT Operation
NOT Operation
AND Operation
AND Operation
AND Operation
AND Operation
OR Operation
OR Operation
Problems of this Design
Expensive startup
Need big space to locate the system
Hydrolic/Pneumatic lines can easily damaged due to pressure and awkward conditions
Block Diagram/ Design 2
OR Gate
AND Gate
Hydrolic/ Penunathic
Logic Gates

Design:2 Vs Design:1
Start-up fee has reduced
Operated area is reduced
Number of Hydralic Lines has reduced
Advantagers of Fully Automated
Mechanical Rail-way Gate
No electricity needed
Low in maintain and easy in operation
Expensive in Start up
Hard to locate
Hard to repair when damaged
Thank You !!
Logical Operation
Truth Table
Algebraic Equation
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