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No description

Sephia Cruz

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Accounting

What is it like to do accounting?
Salary and Benefits
Future Outlook
Job Opportunities:
You could be self- employed and possibly work your way up to manage your own accounting firm
Similar Occupations
Financial Examiners
Tax Collector
Revenue Agent
Business Teacher
Tax Preparers
Personal Financial Advisor
Chief Executives
Appraisers, Real Estate
Financial Planner
Tax Attourney
Corporate Treasurer
Minimum and Maximum Salary
: $36 750
: $105 000
TD Bank - special privileges like preferred group rates, enhanced coverage and flexible limits.
SunLife Financial - can access details about the comprehensive benefits plan, including Term Life, Critical Illness, Long Term Disability, Extended Health Care, Dental and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance.
Post-Secondary Education
bachelor's degree in accounting
bachelor's degree in accounting science or business administration
a university certificate in accounting or administration, or a diploma of collegial studies in accounting and management technology, combined with experience in accounting related occupations
Camosun College
Victoria, BC
What courses do you need to take in high school?
Just what do they do?
Analyze financial data for clients, businesses, and corporations
Prepare reports that help businesses and clients make financial decisions and help them progress
Compute taxes and prepare tax returns
Record and keep track of financial accounts and transactions
Prepare financial reports
Balancing accounts
Checking for accuracy of transaction recordings
Thank You
What do you actually do?
Work Cited:
Skills you need...
What skills do you need?
How many hours are you working?
What are the working sites and conditions?
Hours of work
Working Site and Conditions

Time :

Self employed
- Depends on how long you are willing to work
- Could be 10-12 hours a day
- As long as you have a laptop, internet, you can work from anywhere

For a firm (as a public accountant):
- Further experience:
~50-60 hours a week (possibly a few hours on weekends)
- When you're first starting out or it's tax season:
~10-14 hours during the day
~about 5 hours during weekends
~60 – 80 hours a week during tax season
Detailed and accurate
Good at multitasking
Good with and working with people
Speaking and Writing
Critical thinking
Be good at problem solving
Judgment and decision making
Time management
Accountants generally work in an office
You should be prepared to travel and be moved to different locations
You can work from home
Deadline oriented
You usually dress professionally or business casual
: $50 000 - $60 000
Salary depends on:
Years of experience
Your position
Your field of accounting
Depending on experience, accountants can receive bonuses from $0 up to $10 000
National Offers:
Discounts off certain hotels and resorts, Park 'n' Fly, and ViaRail Canada
Up to a 35% discount on FedEx shipping, or 6 cents per minute for calling on InterCall
You can get 25 000 Welcome Points on your American Express Card
Save up to $1 500 on a purchase of a new Mercedes-Benz
Exclusive pricing and price reductions off different brand names
What can you get from being an accountant?
*You Help Keep Track of the Money of Others*
CPA firms
these range from single-office firms, regional multiple office firms, and international firms with offices all over the world
Companies like manufacturers, banks, insurance companies, government agencies, etc.
job openings reveal themselves usually when accountants leave their position due to either retirement or promotion to higher positions
The number of people in this profession is expected to increases slightly over the next few years
Low unemployment rate
Most positions that are availible are full time
According to Service Canada, the outlook for future bachelor's degree graduates in this field "is excellent"
The labour market has the capability and capacity to take in a high amount of graduates
Amount of training usually depends on the job
You should at least have a bachelor's degree in accounting
Many employers will require:
You will most likely need obtain experience in the accounting field
Generally, there are no specific requirements for becoming an accountant, but institutions have their own prerequisites
It is recommended, however, to take:
2 sciences, in either gr 11 or gr 12, either chemistry, biology, or physics
An advanced math course such as pre-calculus or calculus 11 or 12
English 12
Taking any available business or accounting courses will be helpful
C+ in English 12
C+ in English First Peoples 12
C in Principles of Math 11
Pre-calculus 11
Foundations of Math 11
Applications of Math 12
Fanshawe College
London, Ontario
By: Mikka Marin
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