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Cathy Nguyen

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Tourism

TOURISM Catherine Nguyen
Anna Pham The main countries that have tourists
coming to Australia are: 1.
10. New Zealand
United Kingdom
United States
South Korea
Hong Kong
Germany as of 2010, with a total of 5,885.1 million visitors. AUSTRALIA The roles of and actions of the government in relation to Tourism It is extremely important for the country because it: totals to around $ billion from spending, which
contributes to nearly $34 billion to Australia's GDP
employs over people and
earns nearly 10% of our total export earnings
These are factors which make it Australia's largest service export industry What is Tourism? Tourism is described as a collection
of activities and/or services which provide and deliver a travel experience. It includes transportation, accommodations, eating and drinking facilities and other services provided for travelers. Why is it important? All three levels of government (federal, state and local) play a significant role in assisting tourism, aiming to maximize the tourism industry in the Australian economy. The Federal Government mainly concentrates on creating the best environment for tourism development. They do this by:
organizing air service arrangements
tourism infrastructure
visitor visa processing
Tourism Australia is the Australian Government agency which is responsible for tourism marketing. Their role is to influence people to travel in and out of the country, increase economical benefits to Australia from tourism and help to take care and maintain a sustainable tourism industry in Australia. Federal Government State Government/ State Tourism Oganisations (TSO) Each state and territory has their own State Government. They are to:
provide services and support for tourism promotion and informational services
supply with recreational facilities
construct and fix roads, airports, harbours, railways and parks. (for tourists)
There are many that operate their own overseas tourism marketing programs. They may also fund or facilitate major infrastructure projects which benefit tourism. These include convention centres, casinos and/or hotel accommodation to
increase awareness and attract visitors. Local Government Though local governments are the smallest in all three levels, they still have important roles. When it comes to tourism, their main roles are to:
provide tourism infrastructure
conserve and take care of tourist attractions like the beaches and local parks
be responsible for tourism development and regulatory decisions
support local and regional tourism
Local Tourism Asscociations (LTA) have duties which are to take care of and strengthen local tourism businesses by communicating with regional tourism authorities and state bodies on behalf of operators. Non- Government Organizations Disadvantages Advantages - Helps the economy
- Helps expand Australia's population and
- Raising awareness by spreading the word
- Increase of employment and jobs because more workers and jobs are needed to assist the tourists
- Better knowledge of other countries from traveling
- Increase of marketing
- Infrastructure development - Cause environmental destruction and
- Pollution
- Growth of tourism means that it will become uncontrolled and unsustainable
- Disturbance to the community
- Possibility of illegal and/or destructive economic activities
- More tourists means more money and jobs are required
- Many could be unsatisfied and spread the bad word about Australia

They are responsible for everything a traveler does on his/her trip. This includes what they eat, where they sleep, traveling to and from places, activities and also their exchanging of foreign money; basically everything they do whilst traveling. Airlines such as Quantas which are a non-government organization provide the flight travel of tourists from overseas to Australia.
Non government organizations (NGOs)play a vital role in the development of tourism and helping to build our economy.
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