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Urbanization in London Ontario

No description

Matt Johnson

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Urbanization in London Ontario

Urbanization Lindsey, Jenny
Justin,Caitlin, Sarah,Joe, Matt! The definition of Urbanization: Urbanization is a process where people move from farms, villages, and small towns to a large city. Most people move to cities to find work. An urban area is used to describe a built-up area, such as a city or town. What urbanization does in London, ON: In Urbanization, families that work on farms or don't come from big cities come to large cities, such as London, usually to find work. If many families from farms, villages, and small towns came into London to find work, London's population would increase greatly. Cities often grow outward in concentric circles or rings. The oldest areas are in the centre of the circle/city, and the newest areas tend to be on the outer rings. The tallest office buildings occupy the inner ring/circle or a city, older smaller homes and factories surround the inner ring. Urbanization is taking place all over the world. In most developing nations(poor countries), the rate of urbanization is so great that the new arrivals to a city often live and sleep in the streets.

London is home to 350 thousand people and is known as the “Forest City” with a single tree as its logo. The title also reflects the growing community interest in the benefits of tree and forest cover in the City of London. Many residents and visitors show considerable interest in the remaining naturally vegetated areas of the city, including the large Ecologically Significant Areas (ESAs), and the Thames River corridor, as well as the numerous treed parks, historic, and residential landscapes throughout the city. DID YOU KNOW? Did you know that there are approximately 3,900 buildings and structures listed on the City of London's Inventory of Heritage Resources? Urbanization Is urbanization good for us? Urbanization affects every
country around the world in
a different way, whether it's
farmland or city. Urbanization Overall Urbanization has a great effect on London. But is it a positive effect? Urbanization helps London grow as a community, and benefits us. But are we becoming too crowded as a whole? Perhaps this relates to the London Riot? Urbanization is helping London grow, but not our food, water and shelter sources. As long as we keep a balance, urbanization has a good effect on London. Canada is attempting to solve many inner city problems such as,
overcrowding, boarding houses, not enough open spaces(parks, etc), pollution, slums, etc. Large cities often develop an urban-cleanup-program.The plan includes replacing old factories with condominium apartments, turning old rail-yards into parkland, clearing slum houses and building new row houses, etc. Theses changes are improving the environment. Urbanization can cause poor housing situations because too many people are coming to london. So how do we make room? By cutting down our forests! This could be a problem, considering we are
the 'Forest City'. By: Lindsey, Jenny, Justin, Caitlin, Sarah, and Joe Thanks for watching! Urban Forest
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