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Irene Manzhos

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

by Irene Manzhos EASTER Content why do we celebrate Easter?
who is the Easter Bunny?
what do we put into Easter basket?
points for discussion We celebrate Easter for the purpose of
having a memorial to remember the
Resurrection of Jesus. Easter serves as a
reminder for all that the Lord has done
for all mankind. Why do we celebrate Easter? Today on Easter Sunday, many children wake up to find that the Easter Bunny has left them baskets of candy. He has also hidden the eggs that they decorated earlier that week. Children hunt for the eggs all around the house. Neighborhoods and organizations hold Easter egg hunts, and the child who finds the most eggs wins a prize.
The Easter Bunny is a rabbit-spirit. Long ago, he was called the "Easter Hare", hares and rabbits have frequent multiple births so they became a symbol of fertility. The custom of an Easter egg hunt began because children believed that hares laid eggs in the grass. The Romans believed that "All life comes from an egg." Christians consider eggs to be "the seed of life" and so they are symbolic of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Who is the Easter Bunny? Pysanka is often taken to mean any type of decorated egg, but it specifically refers to an egg created by the written-wax batik method and utilizing traditional folk motifs and designs. Several other types of decorated eggs are seen in Ukrainian tradition, and these vary throughout the regions of Ukraine.
Krashanky –from krasyty , "to decorate"– are boiled eggs dyed a single color (with vegetable dyes), and are blessed and eaten at Easter.
Pysanky –from pysaty , "to write"– are raw eggs created with the wax-resist method (batik). The designs are "written" in hot wax with a stylus or a pin-head. Wooden eggs and beaded eggs are often referred to as "pysanky" because they mimic the decorative style of pysanky in a different medium. time: 45 minutes objective: to learn some new facts about Easter in English What do we put into an Easter basket? According to the old traditions, red egg is a symbol of Easter. Also it's very important to have a paskha. It is also contemporary to have milk and meat. Children may put there some sweets, like chocolate bunnies or chocolate eggs. Points for discussion What is your favourite part of the Easter? Why?
Where do you like to celebrate Easter?
What are you planning to do on Easter?
Do you think Easter traditions are interesting? Why? bunny
chocolate bunny
Easter basket
Easter egg
party plastic eggs
Vocabulary Pysanka
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