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Step.Drip.Step.Drip.KABOOM!"AAAH!"Sabrina screamed.The rocks

No description

Mr. Stack

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of Step.Drip.Step.Drip.KABOOM!"AAAH!"Sabrina screamed.The rocks

Step.Drip.Step.Drip.KABOOM!"AAAH!"Sabrina screamed.The rocks had fallen and now blocked the only exit for getting out of the cave.She didn't even have a flashlight or a candle.She was completely empty handed!"I would pay a million bucks to get out of here!"Sabrina exclaimed.
As she walked on the squishy grass,she soon found people.As Sabrina searched through the crowd She saw her little sister,Saher.She ran toward me with excited eyes.Sabrina ran towards her and found her parents.Sabrina decided to never ever leave hold of her parents ever again!!!!!!
"Think,Sabrina,think"She said as she walked in under stress.
"What should I do?" In a blink of an eye,a lightbulb shone brightly in her head."I know what to do!"Sabrina said gleefully.
She had seen a hole in the roof.
She decided to climb up and go through the humungous hole and get out! Luckily she knew how to climb!
She started climbing to the top.''Almost there'' she said in stress.Soon she was at the top!!! ''I'm saved!''She said in glee!
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